God works in mysterious ways!!!

I’m at that point where God has revealed a lot of things I didn’t even realize I was holding on to.
The ugly and the beautiful.

With God I have been able to see the reasons why I eat the way I eat. I still need God to help me let go, to trust Him fully even though I say I do. Subconsciously I may not.
What’s so beautiful is that He is working on these things with me. Some are a workin progress, while others I will keep practicing.

As I move on to my breakthrough physically, mentally and spiritually I pray my mind/mindset is changed from the inside-out and I have the patience and perseverance to go through the change.

God is way bigger/greater than any big problems I think I have. I thank God for bring Cathy’s challenge to me.
I thank God for being there even when I think I’m going through fire and when I actually am.

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