Getting to the Root of the Issue

I started this 21-day journey back on January 5, 2018, via the “YouVersion” bible app. I invited some friends to join me, and it was an eye-opener. I was able to complete that plan as I knew I had accountability partners to help me through. It was via this app that I found Cathy’s website and figured I would do Sept 1 – WLGW 21-Day Challenge.

I must admit it has been about a six months process to complete the web version. Talk about procrastination. I am the optimity of that word. I seem never to finish things I start as I allow life to get in the way. Well, I am happy to report, I made it this far. The lessons I completed recently when I jumped back in helped me to dig deeper and figure out why I do the things I do. Like, procrastinate.

Learning and reflection on life and my weight challenges, I can see how this is beyond the diet and exercise. I want to go from being a goal setter to a goal getter! I have examined and will need to continue to investigate the cost of achieving my health goals vs. the expense of not meeting them.

I accomplished this program online to figure out why I do what I do or shall I say why I do not do the things I should do. Submitting my weight loss goals to God is a new concept to me, and I understand that it is going to take prayer, patience, practice and more practice. I am done allowing my behaviors, habits, and mindset rob me of my dreams. I am ready to continue this journey and look forward to growing and nurturing my relationship with Christ.

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