Game Changer

The 21 day course HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER for me. God is so cool. He brought me to it at the right time. It brought together all the things He has been showing me and speaking to me over the course of what seems to be a life time. I was never able to pull it all together. I didn’t know how. It has taught me so much about me. It brought wisdom and knowledge shedding light on truths opening my understanding deepening my relationship with Him. Learning to release the weight to God instead of me trying to do it in my own strength and way. Letting go of that control, to let the Holy Spirit lead me. It also confirmed the things that I had implemented prior to joining WLGW were from Him. How that tickled my heart! It shows me how much He loves and cares about me and others. I don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am! He is teaching and leading me into a whole new way of living. Let your light shine and be a testimony to others without speaking words! I am excited to start the next course Breakthrough! Thank you God! And Cathy for being a yielded vessel that He works through. You were the splash and we are the ripple effects that I pray will never cease but to continue to touch and change the lives of other women.

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