Progress, not perfection is a gigantic mindset change for me. I thank God for His faithfulness and truths that are the same yesterday, today and forever. I did not complete the program in 40 days, but God brought me back to complete it. I appreciate that Cathy encourages throughout the program that if we are behind it’s ok. Freedom in Christ, unconditional love, no condemnation. Jesus is healer. This program presents Spiritual truths and principles, using the progress principle – it’s a slow and steady structure that helps get our daily bread. I am continuing to the Breakthrough course!! For me, the years are flying by, and for years, I find myself at the end of each year – another year gone by and I’m still trapped, to my dismay. But in 2019, I started with WLGW, and the year is not yet half over, and I believe this will be my breakthrough year. God is doing gigantic healing in me – just what this program teaches, we can’t out perform or out diet self perceptions – so true for me!!! But as God rewires us/me in my brain, and changes self perceptions, and gives me Grace to receive my identity in Christ, I walk in victory – in freedom – in my destiny, what HE planned for my life before the foundations of the world. Oh rejoice!! Hallelujah!!

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