Dear all the beautiful and wonderful women of WLGW,

here is my little testimony about 21-day challenge. The past two and a half years of my life hasn’t been the best regarding to my health. In the result of big changes in my whole being and the high level of stress that it caused I started to eat as much as I hadn’t in my life. Of course, I started more and more dislike myself, but of course somewhere it is not only about weight, but more about me myself, the core of myself that I cannot befriend. When I received e-mail about 21-day challenge I felt very strongly that this is what I need to do, and God knows, how powerful it was for me.. such freedom, such joy, hope, faith in God and myself, such healing through daily exercises. And what I felt was that this is such a spiritually strong community and of course first of all You, dear Cathy. I cannot explain it differently that after all this time I suddenly was able to put myself in God’s hands and receive His saving power so strongly and instantly in all the 21 days.
After it finished, I experienced fall again, and still there are struggles in me as before, but at least now I know that the victory in Christ is real and achievable. I have decided to join the Breakthrough course because one is not fighter, there is no persistent power in it.

In prayer for all of you,

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