Finishing Strong!

Strong Faith, Strong Finish came at the perfect time for me – God’s perfect timing! I had become complacent in my weight loss journey and was falling back into old habits. The study of Nehemiah made me realize I must pray first before planning and make sure I have what it needed to carry out the plan. I must do the work, and work hard. I must stay on guard, because the enemy is always watching for a way to strike me down. After recommitting to my goal and getting back on track with my boundaries, I am making forward progress. The Holy Spirit is watching out for me, tapping me on the shoulder and saying yes or no, depending on the circumstances. He reminds me that he will stay with me on this journey and always. I find the lessons/devotionals are always well thought out, and the scriptures and songs help tie everything together. I generally prefer to read the lessons because I am not an auditory learner. However, if I am pressed for time, I will listen to the recording first to start thinking about what God is telling me through the lesson.

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