“”Encouraged to Move Forward

I want to say first off that I did not lose much weight these last 21 days but I gain some tools, invaluable insights into my self and I strengthen my walk with the Lord through this course.
I want to lose the excess weight I have been carrying around for such a long time as much as anyone but I knew when I started that there were deep rooted issues going on within me.They needed to be addressed and I knew that only through the Word of God and support from other Christian women would I finally break these chains. This course has started me on this lifelong, (one day at a time) journey.
I feel like I felt when I committed my life to the Lord.
I was finally home..There would be many many challenges but the Woman that I knew the Lord had made, the one trapped under excess pounds n in bondage from years of self-deafeating thoughts n feelings would finally shine through.
For me, I know God has provided a way for me to obtain freedom from those attitudes.Those attitudes that have caused me to make poor choices which have led to poor health. The Lord provided his help to me on those issues through this program.
If I have one criticism it is that I did not get the support within the course postings that was offered by doing the FB Live edition.Other then that I am moving on to the next course, encouraged, inspired n excited where the Lord and I are going next.

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