During this 21-Day Challenge, I

During this 21-Day Challenge, I learned a lot. The most meaningful lessons learned are:

(1) Becoming more aware. Aware of the thoughts, emotions, and circumstances that drive unhealthy eating patterns

(2) Daily Submission. This weight release journey is impossible if I don’t connect myself and the journey to God in meaningful ways

(3) Weight Loss versus Weight Release. In the past, I did not daily submit to God, and settled for weight loss. And because there was no real mindset/heart posture change, I “found” what I “lost” and put the weight and then some right back on. With God at the forefront, I feel more focused and dedicated to really placing unhealthy living on the altar and leaving it there for good.

Some changes I’ve made thus far and will continue to practice are:

(1) Not eating past 7PM

(2) Exercising everyday

(3) Talking to God more about the health journey

(4) Identifying emotions, thoughts, circumstances, etc. that may be behind my desire to eat and weighing them against true hunger.

I can honestly say I want MORE than weighing less. I want God. I want a mindset/heart posture that aligns with Him and His vision for life and health. I want and need this.

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