Digging deep

Breakthrough has opened my mind to many emotional core fears as well as false identities and habits that I have pretty much had to take off all of the dirt I had buried myself under, and I’m still digging myself out of. I started out strong, and the month of March has tested me above and beyond some of my breaking points that if it hadn’t been for WLGW I would have definitely reverted to a place where I don’t want to revisit. It has given me an added foundation to stand on even though I have slipped and failed this last part of March I have not gone to that place, but have been able to stop and think my way through. It has shown me my strengths and my weaknesses in my daily habits as well as life habits that need to be changed or that I need to see as positive and let myself enjoy the fact that I am succeeding in that area of my life. I have definitely looked and relooked at false identities and where they correlate in my life and the need to push myself beyond my comfort zone to no longer see myself in the mirror as I do. This also works along with my core fears. This course may be over, but the journey will not stop. My reset strategies will be in several places to help me face hurdles,and this binder will not be put on a shelf, but will be kept in my WLGW hidden ottoman space by my couch so that I will be going back through it weekly or biweekly to keep everything in the forefront of my mind. I want my breakthrough to continue to grow so I can face walls in the future and be able to use breakthrough to run right through them.

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