Closer to God & Breaking Through

This was a good and tough course – tough in the good way! I was stretched and challenged all in a good way. It was revealing as well, and the end result was growth! I identified some of the reasons why I’ve been stuck for a long time so I am praising the Lord for the progress.

This fundamentally changed my prayer and devotional life, but not only that, it has helped me to actually look at the resistance in my life to doing what I know I should be doing and finding ways through! Praise the Lord!

I am learning to stop, give myself Grace, and seek God in my moments of struggle. I am re-evaluating my entire life by taking the bold step of finding my life vision. This is a work in progress but making a start is everything.

Love that we center our lives around God. It is Him that gives us strength and makes it all possible. I have goals with the Lord’s help, looked at my values and realised I need to make changes to live out of my values. I have worked on my priorities in my life and am being more honest with myself. Making changes in my schedules! With the Lord’s help I am making progress in bringing my life into alignment with Him! Letting Him help me do life and surrendering the control to Him, and the result is a life controlled.

I also never even thought of the fact that I have acted out of my fears, my core fears. This in itself has been truly liberating. Seeing that my limiting beliefs founded out of my fears was also revelatory.
Finding the way to see myself as God sees me and know that things can change, that I can find my identity in Christ, as a child of God. See the potential that He sees in me.

The most practical thing of all, is the exercises, journaling, and the reset strategies. The focus on an active practice.
Loved finding the Words and Word of the Lord that can be used in declaration and in battle against the lies of the enemy, and to strengthen my resolve.

All this to say, it has been a practical way of learning to walk in the power of Holy Spirit. So thankful that every small detail in my life matters to Him. So thankful that I am still a work in progress and that no matter how many times I fall or slide back, I can get up and continue on the journey, knowing that I will get to my destination in time.

The biggest thing for me is breaking through to a new lower size. Praising the Lord and giving Him the Glory and thanking Him for my dear sister Cathy who is being obedient to Him to run wlgw. Praising God. Amen!!

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