Chains are Broken!

I truly believe that I have seen a “Breakthrough” In my health journey. This was my second time going through Breakthrough but the first time I did not finish to the end. Even before the first time I did Breakthrough, God was preparing me. I had cried out to Him. I was journaling my prayers and His gentle words of encouragement. When I took the the first 21 Day Challenge, I couldn’t believe they were the same words in my journal! I knew then that WLGW was something He lead me to. From there I joined Breakthrough. Even after I did not complete the first Breakthrough, the words of Truth that I learned kept coming back to my mind as well as particular things Cathy had said like, “Watch how you show up. Are you always rushing? Always having excuses why you are late or couldn’t do something.” But I spent a little over a year going back downhill – eating and binging with attempts at change – my own attempts – without God. But God kept speaking words of Truth to me. For about six months His words were, “I am going to change you from the inside out.” Then I saw there was another 21 Day Challenge. I hoped it would get me refocused. Then another opportunity for Breakthrough after that. I jumped at that. I wanted in! God had been preparing me. I was at a point where I was truly ready for change…to lay some old stuff down…to swap lies for Truth. I know this battle isn’t over but I now have tools to fight and sisters in Christ to stand beside me. Thank you Cathy for your beautiful ministry.

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