Building the Boundary Walls

I am so thankful to be reminded to continue to build my walls, fortify my walls, and realise that it is these walls/boundaries that are being established that have enabled progress this year.
I am reminded to set a watch and a guard against all the ‘enemies’ that would seek to break them down and see their destruction. To be clothed with Christ and to know that I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.
I am so thankful to the Lord, without whom these things could never have been achieved, and certainly not without sustainability.
It is so true that one needs to maintain a place of safety, a home, with safe walls, and a firm foundation, (Our Rock, Christ Jesus), in order to live right. For me, maintaining my Focus on Jesus, and worshiping him, in how I take care of His temple, is a big part of this.
A big takeaway for me is to realize the resistance against building good walls, including the resistance within me, so that it can be dealt with. Revelation is needed before resurrection can occur!
Truly this year has been a year of breakthrough for me!
It has been so good to grow, and even through times of struggle my over-riding thing has been to never give up as this means I will get there in the end. The LORD is teaching me endurance. He is teaching me to lean on Him!
He never gives up on us! His Grace is extended to us continuously, and he is teaching me to live for His Glory! Amen!!
He is not finished with me yet as I have some challenges to go! Drinking water being one of them 😀
However, I testify to the positive outcomes this year which are:
More intentional time spent with my Lord this year!! The best!!
More sugar free days this year!
Down four clothing sizes so far!
More energy and less hunger!
More intentional exercise and steps on a daily basis!
More sustained intermittent fasting this year!
More ability to log my food this year, no matter the boundaries that may have been broken – and to be honest in it!
More checks and balances – and learning that challenges work for me personally!
That each challenge, no matter what it is, is as before the Lord, for that is the only way that it can be sustainable! My focus challenges in the run up to Christmas, the remaining 7 weeks running up to Christmas, starting today is to be Sugar free and Exercise!
This is something I would not have done in the past!
So thankful to my Saviour and thank you always to Cathy M and the team who are fulfilling their calling. Thank you to all the sisters, without whose sweet fellowship and cheering on I would not have come this far! Thank you.
Praises and Thanksgiving to the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings! Amen!!!

I realize that for years I have avoided the camera – so I’ve found a couple of photos from May last year and the latest one of me for comparison and to show the progress in the last year.

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