Boundaries release!

This month the Lord has taken me on an amazing journey. He revealed to me that whilst I have been learning some good food boundaries over time, there were other boundaries, especially time boundaries, that were being broken, causing me pressure and stress, and causing me to break the good food boundaries.

I am grateful that the course about boundaries was about all areas of our lives, as we are tri-partite beings, and they are all important!

I had not thought about filtering my bounderies through my values, and once again the Lord surprised me as he revealed my three most important values, Integrity, Humility and Generosity. Adventure is also me, but it is how I am, rather than a set value in my life.
I have worked on my questions so I can make good decisions and set new boundaries – mainly around time.
He also showed me that open communication was very important for keeping my boundaries, rather than being led by other people and circumstances both of which have caused me to break them.
All in all, I am making progress in new ways, and identified what boundaries were being broken and causing me to tread water and progress to stall. I have been making adjustments. So happy! Revelation is everything!
I also feel stronger in my identity. I am ditching again that thing… of
worrying about what other people think of me, so I say to myself, it is not what people think, but what God thinks, that matters! Amen!! I just need to be true to God and myself and I’ll be true towards others as well.
My declaration for the month of May based on Phil 2:12-14 is
“I will obey you Lord, as you work in me to will and to act for your good purposes!”
And, giving praises to God because I have broken the 65kg barrier! 2kg to go to my top BMI weight! It’s gradual but it’s good!!
Thank you again to all who are obedient to the Lord to help run wlgw, esp Cathy and Preston. Thank you. Lesley

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