Blessed by “Thankful”

This “Thankful” course and all the courses that I’ve completed since joining WLGW in May have been a blessing beyond measure. I have spent over 50 years trying to lose my unhealthy pounds. “Trying” never resulted in real lasting results. Through the daily lessons from God’s Word, thought provoking “Reflection” questions, and the insights gained from the support network and answered prayers, I am confident that I will reach the God honoring body weight and fitness He has planned for me. I am 76, 3/4 of the way through my earthbound life (maybe?), and was thinking I was too old to be of much use to Him. Yet He is telling me, “Get ready, You’re not done.” I don’t know what He has planned and I had been afraid of those unknown plans. I’m not anymore, I am EXCITED and now eagerly cooperating and walking WITH HIM in this transforming health journey. PRAISE and THANKS to my Magnificently Creative and Loving God.

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