Answer to prayer

I am one of those who have been on the diet merry go round most of my 62 years. I had been feeling desperate to lose weight but I didn’t want to yo-yo down and up again. I saw Cathy’s devotional on a Bible app and it ministered to me in a deep way but I knew I needed more. I eventually found my way to WLGW and signed up. I am off to a slow start losing the weight but I can feel changes God is working in me on a deeper level. I have gotten off track quite a bit during the first 21 day challenge but I am very moved and blessed by Cathy’s honesty and encouragement in the daily lessons and I believe God has answered my prayers for a long term solution through this program.
Thank you so much Cathy for offering this to us all and God bless and prosper this ministry. Looking forward to what’s next!

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