Amazing Love

This took longer than expected for me. Christmas was a busy time with extra responsibilities due to a time of not having a local pastor. (Vicar)
Through this bible study I was reminded again of just how special I am to Jesus.
The one song that truly ministered to me was ‘No-one But You’ from the ‘Awake’ Hillsongs album. It’s slow but the words are amazing and the song builds and I listened to this album as a background album a lot. The track ‘See the Light is also great for dancing and moving!!
Through the Christmas season, the Lord reminded me of His Glory, and that it’s for his glory and kingdom that He came to save us. He is looking for the increase of his kingdom and the harvest is ripe.
So, thought I would finish it completely today.
Thank you again, Cathy and Preston and all the team who help out, for the blessing of being able to do the devotionals and for wlgw, for being faithful in all you do.

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