This was a timeless study, and so relevant to so much I have been experiencing in my journey. It was a great study to help remind, renew, refresh, and refocus me. I also found the audio recordings of the devotions extremely helpful because I have a reading disability, so being able to listen to it and follow along in the text while I hear it helps me tremendously. Thank you for this feature, I know that it is time consuming but this was such a blessing to me.

One of the biggest things I took away from this study was how desperately Nehemiah prayed continuously. He had to rely on prayer constantly in order to stay focused on God’s will for his life. This revelation made me realize I need to lean on God’s strength through prayer more & my own strength a lot less. In my life, I had allowed some things to distract me and some old habits to creep back in, and this study helped me get refocused.

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