Adapting to God’s Adoption

Romans 8:15 States that we are adopted by God, Abba Father.
This program has taught me that unless I repent from my old ways and grab hold to the blessings that God provides, there will be no change in my health. I’ve always had purpose but was blinded by old habits. Spending time learning and applying God’s words helps me to exercise spiritual, physical, and mental well being. I’m adapting to a new purpose and calling for healthy living. It’s just start but I’m believing God for breakthrough! I have all I need to succeed, I just have practice submission and eat my daily bread which is His living word.
I now see the weight lost.
I now see the glucose numbers dropping.
I now see me studying the word.
I now see the discipline growing.
I now see the excitement in my husband’s eyes when he sees me making better choices.
I now see my son wanting to eat like me.
I see God moving in my life.

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