A great focus during difficult times

This course has brought me hope, reminded me of my triumphs through the struggles, and continued to help me keep focused on the end goal. I am going to revisit Nehemiah!
It came at a time when I can honestly say, I have had the best weekend of my life in a long time, (we travelled away for my son’s wonderful wedding to our lovely new daughter in love), and the worst time as my husband has been very unwell with a heart that either beats too fast or too slow, and we are taking care of this and trusting the Lord for His healing. I love how faithful the Lord is through thick and thin. The Lord is proving Himself faithful to me! I have faced more fear and temptation, but He is graciously helping me to keep a steady course though it all, despite my oft wobbly steps. Praise the Lord who is always faithful. Amen! I think my biggest takeaway would be the faithfulness of God, and the encouragement to keep vigilant in the building of those strong walls in Christ!

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