A God Inspired Program

I’ve been traveling the hopeless weight loss journey for over 25 years with no success. I’ve tried all the programs: WW, TOPS, OA, other Christ centered programs, etc., etc. And spent so much money on weigh loss and exercise books and DVD’s. And then I found the Weight Loss God’s Way program. Everything as changed in just 3 short months. I am not the unhappy, hopeless person I was before starting this new journey.

I thank God every day for Cathy Morenzie and her staff for the gifts that God has blessed them with. Today I am full of hope, closer to God than I have ever been in my life and, yes, I am losing weight. I wake up in the mornings happy, looking forward to the day ahead. A full 180 degree turn from where I was at the start of the program. I am so grateful!

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