A Deeper Look

I’ve struggle with my weight my whole life and through the past six years of trauma recovery have learned that my weight and food issues are directly linked to my childhood traumas and how those traumas have deeply skewed my view of God and self. I’ve always struggled to fully surrender and trust Him. A week before the 10-Day Challenge my Christian Counselor recommended OA, but then a coworker/friend posted about WLGW. So I did the 10-Day Challenge and afterwards, I knew there was more there was more to discover so I joined Commit 365. During the completion of the 21-Day Challenge, I was able to take a deeper look at the the spiritual issues surrounding my lack of trusting God and my want to stuff and numb the pain. I’ve become more mindful of what I’m feeling and thinking and though I still struggle to want to numb, I am more aware of it and have started to make better choice and use the tools I’ve gained in counseling more confidently. For the first time, I’ve invited God to join me on my healing and weight releasing journey. The 21-Day Challenge was the catalyst I’ve needed to help me go deeper and has given me a community of other women who know and understand the struggle.

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