21 Day Challenge

Although the numbers on the scale went down just a little, they do not reflect all that was lost and gained through taking this course. I feel so much more in control of myself now and have a renewed enthusiasm for my life in general. I have more energy, am a little less self-focused, have more interest in the things around me, and my clothes fit a little looser, too. 🙂 The videos were amazing! They were funny, but also convicting. Cathy’s insight is priceless! She challenged, inspired and encouraged me throughout this course and I am so thankful for all that I learned. It opened my eyes to the truth that we all struggle with most of the same characteristics and it is possible to attain and maintain victory over this stronghold! I am thankful for this program, Cathy and Preston, and for all the dear sisters who are walking through it with me! God bless you all!

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