It's not too late to lose weight this year
even during the holidays, with the
Strong Faith, Strong Finish
Green Smoothie Detox & Challenge!

Starts October 4th

Want to go into the holidays this year feel empowered and in control of your cravings?

Want to finish the year free of sugar cravings?

Want to be strengthened in the Lord?

If so... we invite you to join us on October 4th.

This challenge will help you detox your body and mind while nourishing your spirit  with a 21-day study of Nehemiah as you detox your body with a green smoothie challenge.

Yes! I Want to Finish Strong!

TWO Incredible Weight Loss Programs
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This has been an incredible course. The journey has been awesome. I am so grateful for all the lessons and what it has taught me. I am excited to see the life changes take place in me as I implement what I have learned. It really opened my eyes to discover areas in my life as to why I do what I do. I will end the year well and I will go into the New Year with confidence.

Andrea M.

Weight Loss, God's Way has partnered with Boss Life Mastery to bring you The Strong Faith, Strong Finish, Green Smoothie Detox & Challenge.  And it's perfect for you if want to end this year feeling healthy in your body, mind and spirit.

By enrolling in Strong Faith, Strong Finish/Green Smoothie Detox and Challenge today, you will discover how to:

  • Detox your body with green smoothies
  • Kick Sugar Cravings
  • Learn how to prioritize so you stay out of overwhelm
  • Practice the presence of God daily
  • Discover from the book of Nehemiah how to FINISH STRONG
  • Discover what the Bible says about rebuilding your temple

I am becoming the person God created me to be. Thank you, Jesus. Each course takes me deeper and deeper into understanding how to change. There's so much to learn from Nehemiah! Thank you, Father, for the opportunity to take these lessons. The Holy Spirit has shown me so much about myself. I have confidence that in the days to come. I crave Him more than I do food. He gives me love, joy, and peace. I am ever grateful for the Weight Loss, God's Way Program. Thank you, Cathy, for being obedient to your calling. God, you are an awesome God!


Meet Your Host


Cathy is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Instructor, International Presenter, Christian Weight Loss Coach & Best-Selling Author.

As CEO and Founder of, Cathy’s mission is to help women understand that God is at the center of the process of achieving their healthy weight and fitness goals.

She helps women move past the fears, the lies, and the insecurities, that stop them from losing weight, and offers a simple, Christ-centered, common sense approach to permanent weight loss.

Meet your Green Smoothie Detox Coaches


Pearl Maria B. Wilkinson is the founder of Pearl Wellness & Detox, an urban wellspring for holistic healing in NYC. Pearl holds a Masters of Divinity from Yale Divinity School (May 2018), a B.A. from Amherst College, is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Speaker, Mother of two, and Co-Minister with her husband, Kyle Bruce Wilkinson (MDiv 2018).


Jennifer, Co-Founder of Boss Life Mastery, empowers countless women with the tools to sustain a vibrant and radiant life! With her partner Pearl Wilkinson, they focus on alkalizing the body, which aids in boosting immunity, increasing energy, gaining confidence along with a bonus of losing weight!

Together, we will support of you so you end 2021
feeling strong, healthy and fit!

  • Step by step guide to a 7-Day Green Smoothie Detox packed with recipes and complete instructions
  • Beautiful print and audio devotional guides—listen anywhere, at any time
  • Group support, encouragement, and interaction—help is a Facebook message away
  • Insightful 21-Day Bible study on Nehemiah to help you break through doubt, procrastination and laziness
  • Live Coaching Sessions to make your journey as effortless as possible
  • Set yourself us for success over the holidays feeling Spirit-Filled and Sugar Free

This course has brought things to the surface, and I am so grateful to God and to Cathy. Each course just gets better and better. Thank you for the great tools and encouragement to press on towards the goal. I will end this year strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Looking forward to more!


Enjoy the Body/Soul/Spirit Benefits

  • Accelerate your weight loss by learning how to take decisive action
  • Escape the constant feeling of overwhelm as you experience God's power
  • Learn how to finish the year feeling empowered and accomplished
  • Meet a global community of amazing sisters in the Lord who will support and encourage you
  • Boost your immunity
  • Detoxify your body from sugar and other impurities
  • Reset your metabolism


This was a timeless study, and so relevant to so much I have been experiencing in my journey. It was a great study to help remind, renew, refresh, and refocus me. I also found the audio recordings of the devotions extremely helpful because I have a reading disability, so being able to listen to it and follow along in the text while I hear it helps me tremendously. Thank you for this feature, I know that it is time consuming but this was such a blessing to me.

One of the biggest things I took away from this study was how desperately Nehemiah prayed continuously. He had to rely on prayer constantly in order to stay focused on God’s will for his life. This revelation made me realize I need to lean on God’s strength through prayer more & my own strength a lot less. In my life, I had allowed some things to distract me and some old habits to creep back in, and this study helped me get refocused.

Angie Jones

'Strong Faith, Strong Finish Devotional and Green Smoothie Detox & Challenge'

The Strong Faith, Strong Finish and Green Smoothie Detox & Challenge is a virtual online devotional study where you'll discover life changing principles from the book of Nehemiah for how to rebuild your temple while you learn how to detoxify your body by drinking green smoothies.

  • 21 Beautifully written daily devotionals that are short, simple, and doable so you can easily slip them into your morning routine.
  • Powerful audio devotionals you can listen to at home, take on a walk, or listen to in your car—fitting into your busy life.
  • Short simple tools and tips to transform your mind, as well as, your body.
  • Quick and easy tips to help you accomplish one important goal by the end of the year.

I love how practical this study was. I learned something new every day that I was able to apply to my life. It is hard work to face some deeply embedded feelings and beliefs, but it was so encouraging to see that I'm not the only one who struggles with some of these bad habits. Thank you for your commitment to helping us experience the abundant life that Jesus died to give us.


TWO Incredible Weight Loss Programs
One LOW Price!

EVEN MORE EXCITING! While the Strong Faith, Strong Finish Devotional Challenge and the Green Smoothie Detox & Challenge are usually sold separately, regularly valued at over $3,000 between the two can invest in yourself today.

Take advantage of this Special Rate of ONLY $97.

Don't wait! Simply click the button below to commit to better health and a better relationship with our loving Father!

Yes! I Need to Finish Strong!

Plus, check out these Amazing FREE Bonus Gifts

Bonus #1 - Green Smoothie Detox & Challenge - By  the experts at BOSS LIFE MASTERY

Guided step-by-step process and fast action worksheets. This enables people to get on the fast-track to increasing success, sustainability and happiness.

Bonus #2 - 5 Live Coaching Sessions - Value $1500

2 Live Masterclasses sessions hosted by me, Cathy Morenzie, and with sharing from your fellow Christian sisters as we share personally and practically.

3 Live Coaching Sessions hosted by Jenn and Pearl of BOSS LIFE MASTERY to ensure your success during the 7-Day Green Smoothie Detox Challenge

Bonus #3 - Beautiful relaxing audio devotionals set to music

Take these devotionals with you in the car or while you're going for your daily walk. This incredible bonus will relax your body and your spirit as you take God's Word and truths with you on the go.

Bonus #4 - Strong Faith, Strong Finish Devotional book(.pdf)

Long after the course is over, you can continue to return to the lessons and teachings found in this beautifully prepared devotional digital book.

Bonus #5 - Year-End Checklist

Follow along with the story of Nehemiah and learn 21 powerful principles he used to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Discover one each day to rebuild your temple!

Faithfully Determined to Press On!

Such an uplifting and encouraging lesson. The example of Nehemiah was most appropriate and beneficial to me in my journey right now. I’ve been empowered to continue on through the ups and downs, twists and turns. The prayers were very effective. The audio was extremely convenient. The lessons were well written. The song choices were on point. The Bonus Play-list magnificent. I will continue to build my walls, protect my walls, rest when needed, stay in constant communication with my Lord and Savior, and keep my armor on at all times. Thank you Cathy, Preston, WLGW mentors, Sisters in Christ.

Tammie Lee McElwee

Register NOW for the next part of your faith journey to excellent health!

All you need to do is simply click the button and let GOD bless your small steps of faith in our Strong Faith, Strong Finish / Green Smoothie Detox & Challenge. 

Yes! I'm Ready!

Our theme and inspiration for this course is in Nehemiah 6:3, “I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down."

We can learn so much from Nehemiah—focus, passion, discipline, commitment, faith, leadership, and so much more. Use his example to finish the year feeling recommitted and passionate about pursuing your goals.

Let’s do this together as a community of Christian women, committed to changing our lives for His Glory.

We know you'll love it - Guaranteed!

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BOSS LIFE MASTERY testimonials from prior participants.

  • “If I don't start now when I am gonna start? I gained confidence, I lost 7 pounds. I said to myself I have tried everything in the past. I said wait a minute, you haven't tried everything! I have never tried this before! I decided to step back and said I can do this! I could have never done this without the support of the participants or Pearl and Jenn! It was so invaluable and worth so much more then I paid for.”
    Pat, Toronto, Canada
  • “Thank you so much Pearl and Jennifer for your time and dedication to this challenge. I have lost 12 pounds and inches. Gained energy, focus and a new sense of drive and determination! I enjoyed the community in the FaceBook Group and Zoom meetings. I enjoyed all the reflections beyond our health.”
    Yennifer R., New York
  • “Since I have been on the challenge, when I wake up in the morning I have more energy. I found while working with them is that they not only told us what to do, but they worked along with us and experienced some of the things that we were experiencing. I found the instructions were easy to follow and they are just down to earth people that you can talk to.”
    Betty, 72 years young

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Thousands of women have been blessed by one or more of our many Weight Loss, God's Way Programs, books or courses by losing weight and growing closer to God, and the word is spreading! But don't take our word for it.

If you're not satisfied with this program, we'll fully refund your money if you're not totally satisfied.

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