In addition to the weekly challenges, you can also earn bonus points. Why? Just because we love challenges!


Challenge Details

Challenge 1

Day 1 - Tune on Tuesday

Share your favorite workout tune

The winner of this contest is Karen Madrid.

Challenge 2

Day 3 (extended to day 4) - Rise Up and Overcome

This is about the time when the newness and excitement can begin to wane. Share how you motivate yourself to keep going when you don't feel like it.

Also, the weekend is fast approaching! What is your battle plan to finish the weekend victoriously? Let's give each other a helping hand and share! Post below or in the Private Facebook Group

The contest will close on Friday, April 26th at 10:00 pm EST. Winner will be announced on Sunday, April 28th.

Challenge 3

Day 7 - Rise Up and Smile!

Take a selfie or have someone take a picture of you exercising.

Begins Monday, April 29th

Challenge 4- Rise Up and be a Warrior- 2 Day Weekend Challenge

This challenge has been created to help us gain a mindset of exercising and eating well on the weekends. This challenge covers Saturday and Sunday. (keep reading for Events)

The more we post and the more we interact with one another the more fun it is! Let's do this together, pushing, pulling, encouraging each other to victory!

There are four events. Each event is worth 100 points. There are bonus points that are worth 50 points. There will be one drawing. The winner gets a whopping $30 Amazon gift card. Woo-Hoo!

Both Saturday and Sunday's events must be completed to earn the points for that specific event. Likewise, extra points must be done each day to be counted. Each event is worth 100 points. Bonus events are worth 50 points. For example, when you complete the devotional for Saturday and Sunday you will earn 100 pts. You will receive 50 extra points for sharing scripture on both those days for a total of 150 points. For every 100 points you will get your name into the hat. (If you just completed Saturday's devotional you would not get any points)

So, if at the end of the challenge you count up 750 points your name will go in the hat 7 times.

May The Best Warrior Win!

Devotional: This event is worth 100 points. Complete Saturday and Sunday's devotional (whichever ones you are currently doing. If you have kept up then these are lessons 12 and 13.) Each day post a comment about the devotional (if you comment in the actual devotional post you can copy and paste it here.)

50 extra points if you share a scripture pertaining to the devotional (other than those Cathy shares!)

Workout: This event is worth 100 points. Complete a workout in accordance with your level (1,2,3) on Saturday AND Sunday. Each day post what workout you did.

50 extra points for posting a picture of you doing the workout!
NOTE: For those of you who do not exercise/workout on the Sabbath consider walking for the amount of time that corresponds with your level.

Post a Recipe: This event is worth 100 points. Saturday and Sunday provide a healthy recipe that you have actually made. You may provide a link to the recipe if you'd like, instead of posting the directions. If the nutritional values are not on the link, please post them.

50 extra points if you post a picture of the food
50 extra points if it's a picture of you eating it!

Quench Your Thirst: This event is worth 100 points. Each day drink at least 6 cups of pure unflavored water (bubbles are fine). After you complete the event each day post one benefit of drinking water.

50 extra points for taking a pic of you and your drinking vessel!

Col 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, and not for man!

Post all of your comments on Facebook here

If you don't use Facebook, post your comments and photos here

NOTE: We truly live all over the world! So, this challenge begins at 12:01 am Saturday, whenever Saturday occurs for you. It ends at midnight Sunday, whenever Sunday occurs for you. You will be able to post your points on Monday until 10 pm eastern time.

Challenge 5 -

Day 17 Rise Up and Pass It On. Invite a friend to work out with you and share a pic.










Challenge 6 - Day 21 Rise Up and Be Grateful - Share how God has transformed something about you physically or spiritually or mentally since the beginning of Rise Up!

Have Fun!

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