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Want to lose weight and have more energy this Spring?

Do you want to finally stop saying I should exercise and actually do it?!

If so... We invite you to be one of the first to enroll and join us today…..

It’s a fun-filled challenge to help you get active.


The RISE UP Challenge is perfect for you if you’ve been putting off exercise or if you’ve been exercising but feel stuck in a rut. It’s also great if you want to speed up your weight loss.

Enroll and RISE UP today. Discover how to:

  • Maximize Your Weight Loss
  • Learn to Enjoy to Exercise
  • Transform Your Workout into Worship
  • Turn Your Exercise Into a Habit
  • Sculpt & Tone Your Body
  • Discover What the Bible Says About Being Healthy

Experience these RISE UP benefits as you:

  • See those extra pounds coming off faster than ever.
  • Get in better shape while glorifying God in your body as 1 Cor. 6:19-20 tells us.
  • Develop life-long habits to keep your active for life.
  • Meet a global community of amazing sister-in-the-Lord who will support and encourage you

'RISE UP!' Get-Active Challenge

The RISE UP Challenge is a virtual online program that's super easy!

  • 21 Done-for-you, fun-filled, exercise videos that are short, simple and do-able so you can easily slip them into your daily routine.
  • No gym required you can workout at home, take a walk or learn ways to work activity into your busy life.
  • Short daily health devotionals to transform your mind as well as your body.
  • Quick and easy tips to get active and stay active every day.


The LAST DAY to register is Good Friday, which is Friday April 19th.

PLUS receive EARLY BIRD prizes when you enroll NOW. The earlier you enroll, the more bonus items you'll receive!

RISE UP! Get-Active Challenge starts Tuesday April 23rd!

  • 21 Days Kick-Start Life-Long Health Habits
  • Short Daily Devotions & Workouts and LIVE Weekly Webinars (replays available too)
  • Step-by-step Christ-centered Weight Loss
  • Dedicated Private Facebook Community
  • Prizes and Incentives for Participation

Plus Check Out These Amazing FREE Bonus Gifts

Bonus #1 - The RISE UP Daily Meal Plan

You'll get an amazing and yummy 21-day low-carb meal plan.
Then you'll never have to wonder about what to eat.

Bonus #2 - LIVE Weekly Master Class

Each week Cathy Morenzie hosts a LIVE in-person video Masterclass. Stay engaged and discover the "habit hacks" to stay active long after the challenge is over.

Bonus #3 - Super Simple Healthy Snack Ideas

Curb sugars craving and feel satisfied while still losing weight.

Enjoy this helpful video presentation full of great snacking tips.

Bonus #4 - WIN PRIZES!

Since it's a challenge, you can win lots of prizes and incentives too!

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Weekly Coaching Calls to Accelerate Your Success

Get accountability and support each week during live coaching calls.

With over 30 years in the Health and Wellness industry couple with a burning passionate to equip women with spiritual tools for weight loss, I can help you get laser-focused and inspired to achieve and maintain your healthy weight.


Accountability is so important in your weight loss journey. We all need someone to support us when feeling weak. You will be matched with a like-minded health conscious Christian sister so you don't have to do it alone.

21-Day Kick-Start Challenge


Reveal the Root of the Problem- Learn why you've been spinning your wheels for all these years.


Release the Resistance- Learn how to let go of what's been holding you back with biblical strategies for transformation.

Duration- @10 weeks

Faith in Action

Remain in Faith in Action- Learn how to maintain your success for a lifetime

Course Duration- @10 weeks

Register NOW for the next part of your faith journey to fitness!

All you need to do is simply click the button and let GOD Bless your small steps of faith in our RISE UP! Challenge.

Our theme and inspiration for this challenge is in John 5:8 (NLT), the Bible says, "… 'Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!'"

Jesus tells the man who had been infirm for 38 years to rise up. It does not matter how long you’ve been down, or been inactive. God's strength will empower you to rise up.

Let’s do this together as a community of Christian women committed to changing our lives for His Glory!

We know you'll love - Guaranteed!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hundreds of women have been blessed by our program, losing weight, and growing closer to God, and the word is spreading!  But don't take our word for it - our members share their thoughts below.

We know a year-long commitment is a lot to ask, but we're so confident that you will love it, we'll fully refund your money if you're not totally satisfied within the first 30 days (new members only).

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