Enroll in this 'Pray Powerfully, Lose Weight'  Course if you...

Want to strengthen your prayer life

Are not sure how to pray for your weight loss

Want to develop a consistent and effective routine of praying for your weight loss and overall health


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How this course will change your life!

The Praying for Your Weight Loss Virtual (on-line)Challenge and Bible Study is perfect for you if you're frustrated with your weight loss progress or overall health and want to learn how to pray powerfully to that you can strengthen your relationship with God and commit to getting healthier and lose weight, God's way.

By enrolling in Pray Powerfully, Lose Weight today, you will discover:

  • How the Power of Prayers can Transform Your Health
  • The importance of praying for your health
  • How to develop a consistent routine of praying for your health
  • Get clarity and focus from spending time each day with the Lord
  • Receive Prayer Support from Prayer Warriors
  • Study what the Bible Says about Health
  • Learn How to Prioritize Your Health Based on God's Word


This challenge has been the most transformative for me. The prayers and reflections really challenged me to go deeper with looking at how my own thoughts are getting in the way of hearing God, and how I more often want to act on the power of my own will rather than God’s.

Deborah P

Join us for this simple

21 Daily Devotions, study and  learning how to pray powerfully for your weight loss

as we seek God daily for our health through journalling and corporate prayer.

It’s an insightful and hands-on course to give you powerful prayers, memorization scriptures and biblical strategies so you can learn how to pray powerful prayers that work.

“This kind,” Jesus said, “can only come out by prayer.” - Mark 9:29


'The Faith and Health Connection

Believe in the Power of Prayer?—But not sure if it will work for you?

Too many of us say that we believe in power of prayer yet we don't apply it to our weight loss journey.  Prayer works! And it can work for you too as you discover how to pray, when to pray, and with the right motive and mindset.

In this 21-Day Bible Study and Challenge, you will discover:
  • Quick, simple, and powerful prayers to usher you into God's presence—Do them anywhere
  • Beautiful print and audio devotional guides—Listen anywhere, at any time
  • Group support, encouragement, and interaction—Help is always available
  • Insightful Bible study
  • Prayer support with anointed prayer warriors
  • Guided Prayer journal to help organize your thoughts
  • Daily scripture memorization cards to help you hide God's word in your heart

Reg. $97 $79!

Experience these benefits as you:

  • Accelerate your weight loss by learning how to draw on the power of prayer
  • Escape the constant feeling of defeat as you experience God's power in your health
  • Learn how to pray and believe that your prayers will be answered
  • Meet a global community of amazing sisters in the Lord who will support and encourage you

What Prayer Can Do!

Through the power of prayer, you will learn how to let go and trust God. You will:

LET GO of all of your preconceived notions about how you should lose weight.

LET GO  of your need to control everything and everyone which is keeping you overwhelmed and overweight.

LET GO  of you perfectionism that keeps you from being transparent with God and from telling yourself the truth. 

 LET GO of you fears, their limiting beliefs, blaming, excuse-making, procrastinating and negative thoughts.

LET GO of your need to stuff and pacify your feelings with food and instead allow yourself to feel what you've been avoiding.

Pray Powerfully, Lose Weight Course Features:

  • A 21-Day on-line Devotional to Kick-start or Amplify Your Prayer Life (no physical products will be shipped out)
  • Short Daily Devotions & Audio recordings, and Weekly Webinars (replays)
  • A Step-by-Step Christ-Centered Health Approach
  • Dedicated Private Facebook Community

A treasure

Praying for my health course is a valuable resource that I can use over and over again! I have not reached my destination yet on this journey and when I get stuck, the reflections and prayers are available to help me plow through. A very insightful tool to use on this journey.


Plus, check out these Amazing FREE Bonus Gifts

Bonus #1 - Prayer Journal

Capture your thoughts, prayers and intimate times with God in this beautiful prayer journal and companion guide. (Downloadable PDF)- Value $10

Bonus #2 - Weekly Master Class (pre-recorded)

Each week during the challenge, listen in as Cathy Morenzie chats with fellow participants in the progress. Let their discussion inspire you to remain faithful on your journey. (pre-recorded)- Value $150

Bonus #3 - Audio version of the daily 'Praying for Your Health' Devotions. Download to your phone and take with you on the go.

No time to read the daily devotions? Be inspired as you listen to 21 powerful, anointed devotions that minister to every aspect of your health and weight releasing journey. They address areas such as procrastination, focus, self-esteem and many more. Value- $200

Bonus #4 - A copy of the Praying for Your Health Devotional Book

Long after the course is over, you can continue to return to the lessons and teachings found in this beautifully prepared devotional e-book. Value $16

Bonus #5 - 21- Downloadable Audio Prayers

In addition to the daily devotional, you will also receive 21 downloadable prayers by our powerful and anointed prayer warriors. They are designed to speak God's word over your health and inspire you to take heart and courage as you journey towards better health for God's glory. Listen to a sample.- Value- Priceless!

Bonus #6 - 21 Beautiful Downloadable Scripture Memory Cards

Praying God's Word Changes You.

Equip yourself every day by memorizing God's word. These scriptures will speak to your every need and stronghold that you encounter on your health and weight releasing journey. Value- $6.00

Exceptional Value!!!


Enroll NOW for the next part of your faith and health journey to excellent health!

Not only do will you receive a beautifully written 21-Day devotional that will usher you into God's presence which alone is valued at $97

But you will also receive:

A downloadable audio version of the entire program valued at $200

3 Bonus audio recording by me -valued at $150

A handy prayer journal to capture how the Holy Spirit has been speaking to you throughout the course- value $10

You own copy of the Praying for Your Weight Loss e-book - value $16.00

Scripture memory verses to post in your cupboards, fridge, car or wherever you need to remind yourself of God's word.  $8.00

Priceless recorded prayers easily downloadable so you can take them with you whenever you need a dose of God's word- this gift is priceless!

The value of all of this would be over $500 (which I could charge but I want to make sure these tools get into as many hands as possible)

So I'm offering it to you for the one time low price of

ONLY $97


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All you need to do is simply click the button and begin to  strengthen your pray life and improve your health in our Praying for Your Weight Loss Course and Bible Study. 

Our theme and inspiration for this course is in Mark 9:29: "“This kind,” Jesus said, “can only come out by prayer.”

Jesus says the same things to us in the areas that we're continually trying to do in our own strength. This message is the same for us today as it was for his disciples-- prayer!

Let’s discover how to pray together as a community of Christian women, committed to changing our lives for His Glory!

We know you'll love it - Guaranteed!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hundreds of women have been blessed by our Weight Loss, God's Way Program by losing weight and growing closer to God, and the word is spreading! But don't take our word for it—our members share their thoughts below.

We know a yearlong commitment is a lot to ask, but we're so confident that you will love it, we'll fully refund your money if you're not totally satisfied.

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