For each of these messy middles this page will provide you with practical as well as spiritual solutions to support you.

When you’re stuck in a messy middle, pause and ask yourself the following questions to help you then remember your 3 steps. Pause, pray and practise.

Events– vacations, weddings, holidays, birthdays, deaths

Situations or Circumstances– travelling, babysitting,  injuries/illness

Emotions– overwhelm, apathy

When you’re managing emotions, you will practise the 3-steps you learned in letting go. They are slightly different because emotions are based on past events.


Vacations can be difficult because we’re out of our routine, we don’t have control over the way the foods are prepared and mostly because there is a feeling of ‘letting go’ that we often associate with vacations.

What to do:



Monday to Friday there is a sense of routine but when the weekend arrives and we don’t have to wake up early to go to work and we can stay up later we tend to forget our boundaries.


Much like vacations, when we don’t have access to our own kitchen, our own foods and our own schedules, we can get thrown off our routines and it can be hard to get back on track.

Holidays,  Birthdays

Although in our minds, we tell ourselves that it’s just one day, holidays and birthdays, these seemingly innocent celebrations are often the start of a downward spiral. One bite of cake can often open the door to weeks or months of operating outside of your boundaries.

Injuries illness

How frustrating when we’re steadily moving along and we get side-lined by an injury or illness.

Caring for a loved one

Caring for a loved one takes a special kind of patience. Whether is an elderly person or a toddler, you often at their beck and call.

Hormonal Changes/ Poor Sleep Habits

Let’s face it, our bodies go through major hormonal changes during every decade of life. It sometimes feels like it’s betraying us. Suddenly, foods that we were once able to eat, are now our enemies.

Shift work

Shift work has your body in a perpetual state of messy middles if you don’t adjust accordingly.  It effects our sleep which messes with our hormones.

Overwhelmed– Ever feel like no matter what you do, you will never catch up? Feeling overwhelmed feels like your trapped in your own mind, held hostage by a flurry of thoughts about how much you have to do while feeling hopeless that you will ever get it done. Talk about bondage. 


Apathy is one of the most challenging emotions to get out of because apathy says that you’ve beyond the point of feeling. It’s a sign that you’ve given up the battle and just don’t care.

Stuck in a Rut/ Plateau

When it feels like we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing but we’re not seeing the progress it can be frustrating and make us say what’s the use.