Day 3 – Go North!

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Lesley Ruth C
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9 months ago

Part of my transformation process is that the Lord is changing me so I am much more mindful of food choices. I have found choices that work to satisfy the sweet tooth in me, like Fresh or Frozen raw Black Cherries, and that kind of thing. I find I do much better this way, and can largely be refined sugar free. I have learnt how to take a break and maintain when the going gets tough too – which has helped me not to slide back to such an extent that all that I’ve achieved is destroyed. Just a couple of ways that the Lord is transforming me. I have also learnt that it’s OK to feel hungry and that actually I have made friends with it and like it, as it shows me that I am eating the right portions. So many things I have been learning. In the past I’ve avoided having photos taken or being in photos to a large extent. I have seen a lot of positive change in the numbers, scales and measurements, and truly praise the Lord for this. All this hasn’t been without a good fight, and it is so the Lord’s Grace… Read more »