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1.  What Is It?

Welcome, Sister! A very Happy New year to you and welcome to the Plan Prayerfully, Lose Weight Course. It runs from January 4-31 and will give you all the tools you need to achieve your healthy weight this year. As the world focuses on new year’s resolutions and making unrealistic plans that are forgotten by the end of the month, you’re going to discover how to plan for your successful year ever–not only in your health but in all areas of your life.

Plan Prayerfully will show you exactly why you have not been able to stick to your plans in the past and will provide you with a clear roadmap laying out your action steps for an entire year. And like all of our Weight Loss, God’s Way programs, we’ll lead you from a biblical perspective!

The Plan Prayerfully, Lose Weight Course will guide you through 28 days of inspiring devotionals designed to give you focus, clarity, and a consistent plan that you can implement immediately. I will walk you through the 28 days, guiding and coaching you with daily action steps to help you achieve your goal this year. Get ready!

2.  How It Works

Every day for 28 days, you will study the daily devotional and participate in one of the love challenges. Carve out some time each morning to study the devotion and complete the love challenge. Each day contains:

Scripture Reflection – Study the daily verse and listen to how the Holy Spirit is leading you.

Devotion (in written and audio format) Read the daily devotion and see how it relates to your life and journey. 

Journal Reflections – In your journal, record your responses to these questions. They are simply a guideline to help you direct your thoughts.  

Action Steps – Each day, you will take one small step forward to keep advancing your goals. Carve out 15-30 min. each day to complete your action step. 

Prayer Every day, a prayer is offered to pray or add to and make your own.

Share – Connect with your fellow sisters by responding to the suggested question/feedback in the comment section at the bottom of each page. 

Here are all the tools you will need for the next 28 days:

1.  Bible

2.  Plan Prayerfully Lose Weight Journal

3.  Plan Prayerfully, Lose Weight Worksheets-@6 of them sprinkled throughout the entire course

3.  We Focus on Practice, Not Perfection

If you’ve taken a Weight Loss, God’s Way course, study, or challenge in the past, then you’re already familiar with this, but it never hurts to review it and remind yourself again. To all my fellow perfectionists and control-freaks out there, please resist the urge to try to do too much, try to do it perfectly, obsess on weight loss, or try to do it your own way without support and accountability. Trust me; it will not work. Practice taking action steps every day and learn to master the skill of discipline. Commit to doing it every day, but if you miss a day, don’t sweat it; jump back on board the following day. Your success will depend largely on your ability to turn this process over to God and trust Him to help you learn new healthy habits. Know this … most people begin to fall off most programs around day 4 to 5. Knowing this, you can pray, plan for it, and prepare.

4.  Focus on Faith

This study is designed to help you focus on God’s love for you. It will help you feel confident, loved, and cherished because you recognize how much God loves you and that your body is God’s temple, and it’s by faith that you’ve come to honor it.

5.  Join the Support Group

Accountability and support are among the cornerstones of all of our Weight Loss, God’s Way courses. We understand the importance of sisters praying for each other and holding each other accountable. As you comment on the daily lessons, interact with others in the course, and feel free to encourage them.

6.  Upgrade and Become a Member Today

The Plan Prayerfully, Lose Weight is just one of the courses in our Weight Loss, God’s Way Program that we’ve extended to non-members to experience what our membership program is like. It’s created to give you a taste of what it feels like to be part of a supportive community of women who care for each other and genuinely want each other to succeed. This is only one of over a dozen courses that we offer. When you upgrade to become a member, you review a ton of benefits and accountability to help you stay focused and committed all year long. Upgrade today and receive this Plan Prayerfully, Lose Weight Course at no cost, plus receive our complete Weight Loss, God’s Way Program, and lots of other bonus courses! Click here to upgrade, then be sure to let me know you upgraded so that we can refund your purchase of this course. (


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That's all for now. Please let me know if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer them.

Yours in Faith and Health,


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Maureen C
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8 months ago

Hello, I’m Maureen and I’m new to losing weight God’s Way. I’m feeling both apprehensive and excited.

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8 months ago

Hello, I’m Debbie. I am ready to start this journey and focus on prayerfully doing it.

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