To send our ebooks to your Kindle Devices and Apps

Step One: Find your Kindle email address

To find your Kindle Email address:

  • Select ‘Your Account’    or on mobile the three-bar symbol on top left and then ‘Account’
  • Select ‘Content and Devices’
  • Click on ‘Devices’ tab on top
  • Click little box beside device with Kindle – on mobile you may need to click the drop-down to select kindle device
  • Email the .epub copy of the book to your Kindle email address with the word CONVERT in the subject line and the .epub attached.   In a few minutes you should see the book appear in your Kindle device or app library (upon refresh).
  • DO NOT send the kindle address to us.  While we would love to send it to you, we can not unless you authorize us to do so in Kindle.  It’s quicker and easier if you email it to your own kindle email address.


In images – MOBILE

Step 1) Select three-bar symbol on top left and then ‘Account’

Step 2) Select ‘Content and Devices’

Step 3) Select ‘Devices’ tab.   If needed, choose device from the drop-down menu

Step 4) Send us the kindle email (or email the copy of the book we sent to that address with ‘convert’ in subject line)

On Computers:

Step 1) Select ‘Your Account’ and then ‘Content and Devices’

Select the Device’s Tab and then the little box beside your Kindle device

Step 3) Send us the Kindle email address (or email the ebook we sent you to this email address with ‘Convert’ in the subject line).