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Virginia N
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Well, it’s a long story…for the past month I e been under the threat of a heart attack.  Cardiologist said no exercise and only low activity.  Then I was forced into an emergency heart cath.  Because of a severe allergy to iodine, I had to be pre-treated for two days prior to the procedure and the day of the cath with massive doses of steroids.  I had not been losing weight (191) and with the steroids I packed on 5lbs of fluids!  So, today I am at 196.  The great news is:  My coronary arteries are HEALTHY and CLEAR!  GLORY to GOD!  They discovered the problem is most likely caused from a hiatal hernia that was developing spasms.  Today I can start exercising again and praying more to stop the stress eating!  You ladies all inspire me!