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Verna Pearce
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I am currently doing the messy in the middle course and am looking at my lack of strong connection with my sisters for my support in challenges. I tend to share the positive and breakthroughs but often less willing to trust to share the challenges. I have learned well to give testimony of the positive God is doing in my life, but shame and pride have often made me hold back from asking for support. For many years, that was also because I felt unsafe sharing my feelings because I had been abused in my first marriage, belittled and<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>my trust had been misplaced in untrustworthy people. The challenge of being accountable is still a big one for me, but more because I am still learning to trust my sisters. I have an accountability partner in the program but tend not to contact her, and have not felt connected with her as our lives are very different. I have several 12 step buddies locally who I imperfectly share with. I have one prayer partner friend locally but our recent circumstances have meant our regular prayer time together has not been happening. Looking at this makes me realise the necessity of ongoing fellowship and prayerful support and my responsibility to reach out rather than flying solo because what once worked is no longer working. Asking for prayers for guidance about who to ask to be a new accountability partner and prayer partner, for the willingness to step out of my comfort zone to ask that person to partner with me and for God to reveal the hidden motives under my isolating and unwillingness to share honestly with my sisters. (I think fear of judgment and rejection still loom large here.) Thanks