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Verna Pearce
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100.1kg down 1 kg from last week, total released since 30 January 2018 30.3kg. Have finally hit the 30kg goal I set for my 60th birthday on 10 December when I started WLGW. God is so good- I felt a bit discouraged last week when I did not lose, but chose to not focus on the numbers or let the enemy drag me down with condemnation, just doing my best each day, surrendering my need to control the process and leaving the outcome in God’s hands. My food has not been perfect in the past week and I’ve had several days where I was more sedentary than is good for me, doing full days of training for a change from state management to Federal in the disability service provision in Australia. My head has been telling me I’m not doing “enough” to lose weight but I have stuck with my plan as best I can imperfectly each day, and getting back to basics each time I go astray!  Praise God, He’s  in charge!!