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Jody K
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Greetings! My name is Jody and I’m actually on day five of the 21-day WLGW program.  I have been an active person all my life, growing up with dancing (my 88 yr old mother still has a dance studio), and horseback riding (dressage) for many years until my best-friend was diagnosed with cancer. My mom and sister have always been trim and eat double what I do and when I was young, I struggled with being pudgy. I trimmed down in my early 20s and remained fit and trim until my mid-40s (I’m early 60s now). Over the last 18 yrs I was a caregiver for my brother, best-friend and 100 yr old neighbor; it was extremely overwhelming at times and I believe my focus, discipline and some of the caring about my weight went out the door, along with simply being too tired to care…although, I did care, right? Then, 2 yrs ago I severely broke my ankle and my ability to exercise became difficult, to say the least and my body still fights inflammation (along w/low thyroid – oh, joy!)
Now, with that said…I believe coming across Cathie Morenzie’s WLGW has been a tremendous blessing and discovery in my life, because her commitment to focusing on the Lord and seeking the help and guidance through the Holy Spirit is how I desire to look at life, how I do look at life…but, to find the fellowship, encouragement and like-mindedness with her books, videos and writing, and to join in with all you precious ladies who are seeking the same help, encouragement and strength, is – hopefully and prayerfully, going to be a life changing discovery.
In general, I want to pooh-pooh the need to ‘join a group’ or discuss my personal issues, but these are the things Cathie is challenging all of us to do – be accountable, be honest and open, be willing to submit to God (and others), pray together, seek answers together, rejoice together…and all according to God’s principles and truths lovingly revealed to us in His Word. So, I am excited and desiring to hang in there, committed to applying myself through choosing to engage and submitting to the Lord – through reading His Word and spending more time in prayer and worship, but – realizing by joining this group, that I’m a part of a precious group of ladies who are dealing with the same struggle that I’m struggling with… and, therefore, will be praying for you all, also.  ~ And isn’t that Cathie the cutest?!? …and, my goodness, talk about engaging – I think I just wrote a mini-novella – ha! But, onward ho!!