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Bonnie A
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Father, I lift Felicity up to you, in Jesus’ name, asking you to come alongside, Holy Spirit to be her strength in this time of weariness.  Thank you Father for her caring spirit, that is always ready with words of encouragement for others. Thank you for her willing spirit, allowing herself to be weak so that You can be strong on her behalf.  Oh Father, remind her of your faithfulness and unconditional love.  Lead her away from the temptations that come from being tired, distracted and overwhelmed by circumstances in her life right now.  Deliver her from those thoughts that tell her she can find comfort in a cookie, or a piece of candy, or more.  Remind her to taste and see that YOU are good, and you satisfy any and all cravings.  Give her a holy refreshing Lord, that she might face those trying situations and be the overcomer, through YOUR power, in Jesus’ name.