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Jen Wang
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Hello Ladies!

It has been just over two months since I joined WLGW. I decided to step back a moment and reflect on positive changes over these past two months.

1. When I started, I was using very excessive amounts of artificial sweetener, which caused a lot of guilt and shame because I knew it was not healthy, nor was it dealing with my food addiction.  I kept the amount secret because I didn’t want anyone to know just how much I was using.  I even hid the empty packets in the trash so no one would notice. I was addicted! I’m sure there was a physical toll as well with all those chemicals. Now the only source of artificial sweetener is in sugar free gum, which I believe is the next thing to go. Before, every liquid I drank contained some sort of artificial sweetener. My taste buds were so dulled and the addiction was worsening. Being free from this is a significant change!

2. My weight bounced up and down 10 pounds in a given week due to binges. Now, I have reached my goal weight and stayed there for three weeks now, even during emotional ups and downs.

3. Struggles with food used to isolate me and I fell into deep despair.  I binged on food I am allergic to, which really messed me up for a good week. This has not happened in the past month. I have fallen into overeating a few times, but got right back up again and got back on track.

4. I was able to get back on track because now I can reach out to other ladies that understand and will pray for me. This has made all the difference. My accountability partners are so precious!!!  I know I would not have made it this far without their powerful prayers, support, and encouragement.

5. I have an action plan for dealing with those times when I am about to fall into overeating. Yesterday I used it!  It worked!

6. I am renewing my mind and learning to take thoughts captive.

7. My emotions are more stable, my life is more disciplined and orderly, I am more realistic and self-accepting, and I am a happier person (which my husband appreciates!)

I praise God for the progress and know it’s just the beginning!  He has good things in store…for each of us!   Keep pressing on.  The best is yet to come.