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God is good! The Holy Spirit reminded me this morning that this is a weight “release” journey, not a weight loss journey. I’m thankful for victories, in Jesus name! Although there have been ups and downs week to week (gained weight, lost weight) since I started this program, God has still been so faithful overall. Changing and renewing my mind with results both on and off of the scale. I’m working on the month end planning and have had a very eye opening moment.

From 1/6/19 until today 1/26/19, I’ve released 3.5 pounds, and released an average of 1-2 inches!!! Thank you Jesus!!

I put the 21 day jump start (which should have been completed) on  hold to focus on the 40 day detox as well as my church corporate fast. I haven’t been perfect with staying in my boundaries, I’ve skipped a day (or three or six) with logging my food/water, and I’m 3 days behind on my lessons, BUT GOD!! There has been some long and stressful days, BUT GOD!! I dont always post, or journal, or remember to do my active practice, or look at FB, BUT GOD!! He is so faithful, I’m so grateful for this group of encouraging and motivating ladies, and every day has been a blessing. Progress, NOT perfection!