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Kimberly D
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Hi, I’m Kim, a 66 year old retired school teacher.  I’ve fought my weight and the accompanying emotional issues and reasons I overeat since my first year of college.  I’ve lost and gained so much weight and recently hit my last regain.  I am not on Facebook and hope to stay off of it and still do this program.  Even commenting here is a scary thing for me.  I’ve done another well known weight loss program off and on for about 30 years and never made my goal.  But I also never put in any of the work on the emotional part of the plan and didn’t feel a connection with folks at the meetings.  I pray that this time, with God, I can come to terms with my weight problem and what it has kept me from all these years so that I can be free.  I kind of got all of this in the wrong order as I joined a month ago and got emails, but didn’t follow through.  As of 10 days ago, I’ve been in the challenge and just found this part that I should have done earlier.  Better late than never.