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Bonnie A
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161.5 today.  This is up 5 pounds from the number on the scale last week.  I know myself, and how scales work, well enough to not let this freak me out.  The past week has been one of over-indulgence and stepping out of boundaries.  Even in the best of behaviors the scale can fluctuate and frustrate.  Now, is this what happened to me?  Not this time, because I know that I’ve been creeping outside the boundaries more and more since Thanksgiving.  Being close to goal should not be permission to indulge, but if I’m honest, I’ve been too comfortable with where I’m at, and have allowed myself too much.  So today I embrace the number as a warning, and give thanks to God for no condemnation, just love.  And thank you to my awesome accountability partner, who knows me so well.  And to all of you, my WLGW sisters.  I stand with you and for you, giving and receiving the love and support that we all need.