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Carla S
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Hi Cynthia,
Partners would be great. Thanks for responding. I struggle with emotional eating a lot. Tired? Need energy? Eat. Frustrated? Eat. Feel let down or disregarded? Eat some more. I’ve thought I was overweight my whole life. No matter what weight I was. Most of the time I wasn’t, but I still always wanted to lose that last 5 pounds. Now I actually am at 5’4″ and 190ish. I’ve done tons of diets over the years, including weigh down which is supposed to be God focused. I feel like the 21 day course has been so much better though. It has actually started hitting on those reasons I eat when not hungry. I’m looking forward to starting some of the other courses. I’ve been tracking my food and mostly not eating after 7. There were a few days when I was at work from 4 until 8:30 so no dinner. Not eating any dinner seemed very eating disordered so I chose to eat even though it was later. I really desire to eat as if I’ve always been a normal weight person (i.e. I eat when hungry, I don’t emotional eat, and I try to eat a good variety of foods). If that happens, then I want to be happy with whatever weight I end up at. Thanks again for responding. Looking forward to getting to know you.

(Also,  I tried to send this as a message but it wasn’t working so I need to figure that out)