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Carla S
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Hmm, I actually don’t want an accountability partner.  I don’t like talking about the food issues I struggle with.  I don’t like feeling so focused on it.  Sure I think about it a lot,  but if I talk about it,  it lets everyone else see that I’m not happy about my weight.  I try to put up the front that I have a good self image,  especially for my girls because I want them to see an examine of a mom that is confident.  And I find everyone has different ideas about how you should fi about losing and I don’t like to clash into those.  However . . . Cathy said I should have an accountability partner.  I want to give this a real effort.  So if anyone is still reading this and isn’t completely put off by me and would be willing to be my partner,  I promise to try hard to be a good partner.