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Jen Wang
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Hi Suzy!

I have had similar experiences with finding success through other Christian food issue approaches, programs, and teachers, even leading small groups, only to fall back into the stronghold.  I agree, I think the structure,  support,  and accountability in WLGW is a game changer.


I also see that it is like a 12 Step program in the sense of: “It works if you work it .”   All the help and tools are here, the support is here, the people are here to help, but only if I choose to apply the lessons, contribute, reach out and get the support and accountability I need.

I am glad we are in this together!  With Christ you CAN and WILL overcome!  May Christ bless you, encourage your heart, fill you with joy and peace, and make level paths for your feet.  I’m here for you if you need to connect.  Please feel free to reach out.