Haven_logo_no background“You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result.” Genesis 50:20 (NASB)

fear to freedom

Core fears are our deepest,negative emotional response to perceived threat or danger.  They are activated when our attempt to lose weight comes into conflict with a deep-seated belief(s) we hold about ourselves or our world.

The devil’s scheme is to use our fears to keep us from having the abundant life Christ died for us to have but instead of using those fears to paralyze us, we can use them to propel us into our destiny.

Yesterday we identified our core fears as they played out in the contestants in the ‘Big House.’

When we experience a core fear, our immediate instinct is to stop the pain. Instinctively and rightfully so, we want to avoid this pain at all costs. No one wants to feel pain… so we stuff it with distractions like TV, the internet, people, shopping and food.

But as most of us can attest to, this is only temporary and as soon as our fear button is pushed again, we react the exact same way. There is nothing on this earth that can take away that pain, except God.

Today we are going to choose another course of action. We will look at our fears again and learn to see them in a unique way.  We will see our fears as a tool to identify our wants and desires that we need God to fulfil in our lives.

Our fears are really a cry to God to fill a hole that has been created over the course of our lives. These holes express our deepest wants and needs that only God can fill. Look at the list of fears and the corresponding wants that we need God to fill.

FEAR                 WANTS

  • Rejection- we want acceptance and trust
  • Failure – we want success
  • Judgement- we want grace and unconditional love
  • Feeling unwanted- we want to feel loved and accepted
  • Loneliness – we want companionship
  • Injury- we want safety
  • Neglect- we want love and affirmation
  • Death- we want life and vitality
  • Abandonment- we want support and affirmation
  • Success- we want affirmation, ongoing support and unconditional love
  • Condemnation- we want acceptance
  • Humiliation- we want edification and grace
  • Losing Control- we want control and peace
  • Inferiority- we want self-esteem and affirmation
  • Powerlessness- we want control and hope
  • Being misunderstood- we want acknowledgement, acceptance and grace
  • Feeling worthless- we want self-esteem and love
  • Feeling devalued- we want value and acceptance

No person, no food or  no thing can ever fill these needs and the more we try the greater the need will get.

As you identify your fears, identify the 3 wants that you will seek only in God. Write out a prayer to Him inviting Him to fulfil these wants in your life.

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