We suggest you take this course once you’ve completed the 21-Day Challenge and before jumping into the other Weight Loss, God’s Way Courses. It will build a solid foundation for all the other programs.


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What Our Members are saying about this course

My weight loss journey has been revolutionized by having been a member of Weight Loss, God’s Way.

There is so much I learned, that it’d be difficult to narrow it down to even a few things.  But the reason my journey has completely changed as a result of Breakthrough is I found a new “why”.  I learned that it’s actually not my battle to fight, and though I have choices to make,… Read more “My weight loss journey has been revolutionized by having been a member of Weight Loss, God’s Way.”

Geri Parisella

Awesome Teachings

Awesome Teachings

Liz Buell Salazar

I went to my doctor and he was ecstatic.

Weight Loss, God’s Way Alumni



I have learned so much and will review this often. This has enlightened me and helped me draw closer to the truth in God’s word about me. I’m so grateful.


Closer to God & Breaking Through

This was a good and tough course – tough in the good way! I was stretched and challenged all in a good way. It was revealing as well, and the end result was growth! I identified some of the reasons why I’ve been stuck for a long time so I am praising the Lord for… Read more “Closer to God & Breaking Through”

Lesley C

Grateful Gal in Gods Grip

Breakthrough was informative, inspirational and fun. Applying Gods Word and His Ways to weight release is just what I needed to help me understand the futility of trying to shed weight in my own strength. I’ve learned a lot…I’ve learned that I can be successful in this endeavor by leaning wholly on Him. With His… Read more “Grateful Gal in Gods Grip”

Cynthia C

I have enjoyed learning so

I have enjoyed learning so much about myself during the course. I have especially liked Seek Him Saturday and the live calls. Even though I don’t interact with each person, I know my sisters in Christ are there for me and I for them. That has been such a blessing. Thank you, Cathy, for the… Read more “I have enjoyed learning so”

Jane K

Digging deep

Breakthrough has opened my mind to many emotional core fears as well as false identities and habits that I have pretty much had to take off all of the dirt I had buried myself under, and I’m still digging myself out of. I started out strong, and the month of March has tested me above… Read more “Digging deep”

Donna V.

My Testimony after Breakthrough

The Breakthrough Course allowed a different angle in my life to begin its process. Years ago I made a file in my word processing program called, ‘Weight Loss’. In it are ALL the different plans I have followed through the years. I also have another file called, ‘Strongholds’. These two files can overlap one another… Read more “My Testimony after Breakthrough”

Cindy Proffitt

Fear-less Live more

I have been richly blessed having gone through this course. The biggest takeaway for me is understanding how my spiritual gifts have become warped through over use and not being connected with Christ through His Holy Spirit. What a relief to know that I am not alone in this journey.

Jan C

Holistic healing

I started this Weight Loss God’s Way journey at the end of January, 2018, with almost 60kg extra weight to release. I have struggled with food and weight all my adult life and have been on many diets. I managed to lose weight on some of these but always regained it and then some. This… Read more “Holistic healing”

Verna P

Love this program SO much!

Love this program SO much! It is so eye-opening and brings so much into the light as to why we are the way we are. Thank you, Lord, for Puttibg this program on Cathy’s heart!

Sheri Chesness

How Did It Go So Fast???

These last 40 days I have learned so very much about me as a person and as well I have learned how to allow God to reverse those things that have held me back and replace them with Him. These 40 days have been awesome as well as the 21 day challenge that led me… Read more “How Did It Go So Fast???”

Jamila A.

The Weight Loss, God’s Way program allows participants the opportunity to discover hidden blocks to weight elimination…”

Weight Loss, God’s Way Alumni

Rev. Cecelia Harris

My doctors are singing my praises and people whisper to me ‘Did you have surgery?’.

~Started at 230lbs, now 145lbs

Faye Williams

Learning so much about myself and God

Each time I go through the Breakthrough course I’m learning more about myself (peeling off the layers), and also am learning more about God. He has so many promises for me in His Word, and He wants only the best for me. He is giving me strength, and all is well in Him!

Ena G.

I finished!!!

I thank God I finished I’m one that starts something but never finishes. I’m learning a lot and have a lot of layers to peel away.

Estella B.

‘Weight Loss, God’s Way’ has been a huge factor in beginning a process of healing and restoration in my life.

I have completed Breakthrough twice now. When I began Breakthrough for the first time, I was at a place in my life where I had struggled for a very long time with food. I felt very alone in that struggle and knew no one who really understood or cared. I had particularly been addicted to… Read more “‘Weight Loss, God’s Way’ has been a huge factor in beginning a process of healing and restoration in my life.”

Felicity B.

Breaking Through to the Real Me

I am so blessed to have taken this course. The course showed me that I am a people pleaser to the point of losing myself. I have learned ways to please myself as well as the people in my life. I look forward to putting these strategies in to my life on a daily basis… Read more “Breaking Through to the Real Me”

Melissa M.

I never really thought that

I never really thought that things in my past would affect how i could loss weight and maintain it. I have always been a people pleaser, and can now see how not speaking my mind and setting boundaries affect my weight loss journey. I’m an organizer and will do all the steps to lose weight,… Read more “I never really thought that”

Pam S


I am thankful for the Breakthrough course. It has shown me many variables that can conflict with my growth in God and sabotage weight release. The various nine (9) modules helped to realign my thoughts to achieve breakthroughs. My relationship with God is very important, and I need to remember that I am God’s beloved.… Read more “Thankful”

Chenno N. Bowens

From the inside out

what this course did was change me from the inside and soon we’ll see how that will affect my outside.
My thinking and belief system has been changed and I am in a better place with God. I think. for me. this is all about laying foundations. God told me it would be slow… Read more “From the inside out”

Kirsty L

Eyes Forward

I am thank for this class. It was awesome and I fell behind so much but God. I can see this course kept me focused on moving forward and letting things go. I have insight more now on my bondage and how to get them. So I am thankful for being able to keep my… Read more “Eyes Forward”

Lorraine Goffney

Vision and Goals solidified. Core fears, limiting beliefs and false identities banished!

Cathy takes us through an excellent step by step process to help us find our vision for now and the future, helping us to break down action steps into S.M. A. R.T. Goals. Now I have a plan and a vision and the way that I will succeed, in order to achieve my future goals.… Read more “Vision and Goals solidified. Core fears, limiting beliefs and false identities banished!”

Tina R

I am looking forward to

I am looking forward to continued growth. The tools that have been given to me and the ability to open my eyes and heart for change has been great. Thank you for everything

Courtney Flanagan

Led by God

I have felt from the beginning that God has led me to WLGW and He is with me on this journey – a journey not only to release pounds and poor health habits, but to release to Him anger, resentment, disappointment, and control. I thank God for Cathy and her heart open to the Holy… Read more “Led by God”

Diane O.

Choose Faith not Fear

I feel encouraged to seek first his kingdom, and I believe that I can trust God to help me to transform into the person that he wants me to be.

Maureen C

I used to think about food all the time.”

Bobbie Sides

Released 37lbs.

Bobbie Sides

With everyday I am learning

With everyday I am learning how to conquer problems and issues. I realize areas I need to work on .

Shelly Felker

[Without Weight Loss, God’s Way] I wouldn’t have understood myself and why I’ve been struggling all these years with my weight.

Weight Loss, God’s Way member


Breakthrough was very deep and

Breakthrough was very deep and I will be coming back to it. I still need guidance in a lot of these areas in my life.

Debby D

I realized I was a new person inside [in Christ].”

Went from a size 26 to a size 14.

Janet Mullins

Losing Weight God’s Way

I am becoming the person God created me to be. Thank You Jesus. Forty days ago I started the BREAKTHROUGH lessons. Thank you Father for the opportunity to take these lessons. During these 40 days, Holy Spirit you have shown me so much about myself. Breakthrough comes when I am in alignment with you God.… Read more “Losing Weight God’s Way”


Step by step

Breakthrough has taken me step by step through really looking at why I do what I do and how to create vision and goals that are reachable. Putting God first and helping me understand all those pieces has helped to take weight off and keep it off and realize it won’t happen overnight. I look… Read more “Step by step”

Nancy M


I found the experience challenging . Going through this lesson Breakthrough really highlighted for me things about myself that I probably have always kept on lock and key. My personal feelings of failure and not being good enough not being worthy of success have definitely come to light and I am learning to flip the… Read more “I am CHANGING”

Sherry W

This process has been challenging

This process has been challenging but much needed. I have learned so much, Praise the Lord for this program and for my life change.

Ruth A.

Gripping Gods Grace

The Breakthrough session was well done. It was inspiring, encouraging and fun. I worked hard at it and learned a lot. It has provided tools for my successful weight release. I’m thankful that the Lord led me to WLGW.

Cynthia Christian

Breakthrough has guided me to

Breakthrough has guided me to dig deeper into understanding my core fears, taught me how to rid myself of the lies, and taught me how to strive towards living in alignment with who God says I am as His child.

Mary R.

Awesome Module!

This module has brought things to the surface and I am so grateful to God and Cathy. Thank you for the great tools and encouragement to press on towards the goal. Looking forward to more!

Sandra H

Thank you!

These last two months have made me face lots of fears, and beliefs I have created in my mind. I believe that is why I struggled to complete the last few days of the course; I didn’t want to face myself and my issues. Thank you Lord for beginning my Breakthrough in my health journey.… Read more “Thank you!”

Beth HB

Amazing teashing!

I have been so blessed to get the kind of teaching I have needed for a very long time. I have struggled with food addiction for years.but have never had this kind of biblical resource available to me. I have been strengthed up in my inner man by the solid bible principles Cathy is teaching.… Read more “Amazing teashing!”

Betty C.

I am closer to God now than I ever have been!

This course is transformative!! I have never learned so much about myself and the Lord in one course as I did here!! Years of counseling and it took the gift of Breakthrough for me to truly understand my previous failed attempts at health. This is NOT a lose 50 pounds in 5 days. This IS… Read more “I am closer to God now than I ever have been!”

Alisa B.

Chains are Broken!

I truly believe that I have seen a “Breakthrough” In my health journey. This was my second time going through Breakthrough but the first time I did not finish to the end. Even before the first time I did Breakthrough, God was preparing me. I had cried out to Him. I was journaling my prayers… Read more “Chains are Broken!”

Geraldine C Viglas


This plan made me go deeper into my past failures which brought me to a breakthrough in my weight loss journey


Mountain Crusher

I enter this journey with a mountain of fear in my life. The death of my husband in 2017 devastated me. He took care of all finances and mostly everything else. I spent the last four years spinning in circle trying to figure out our finances or remembering to pay what bill when. There was… Read more “Mountain Crusher”

Violet L. Goffney

Helpful Course!

I always wondered if/what gifts and talents I had that were given by the Holy Spirit and this course helped identify them as well as all the false identities related to them. I’m still absorbing what this means as I move forward in life but I am confident God led me to Cathy’s teachings for… Read more “Helpful Course!”

Juanita H

God is faithful

Breakthrough has been an eye opener and has a wealth of information. I was encouraged and overwhelmed at times with the amount of work but overall I know it was helping me. Still need to digest all the valuable lessons I learned. God is faithful and will help me one day at a time. Thank… Read more “God is faithful”

Christine G

Headed in the Right Direction

I really enjoyed the Breakthrough Courses. They were well put together, thought provoking, very serious as I learned about limited beliefs and false identities. These are the areas that I need to spend more time pursuing as I aim for my own breakthrough. Again the lessons were thought provoking, the music selections were uplifting and… Read more “Headed in the Right Direction”

Michele D.

Amazing course!!

Breakthrough has been an amazing course. I’ve learned things about myself that I wouldn’t have realized otherwise. It has been very freeing in light of some of my challenges. I know there’s much more for me to learn about myself and additional struggles I need overcome. But what I learned about me is very powerful… Read more “Amazing course!!”

Marilyn M

I am grateful

I have gained wisdom in the area of overcoming core fears. I am taking the Lords yoke upon me and learning that He is truly meek and lowly in heart. When I have Jesus first and center of my life, things are easier. I have lost 12 pounds so far – I have WLGW, and… Read more “I am grateful”

Celestine Bailey

I will means With Him, we will!

After I completed the 21 Day WLGW, I learned of this program “Fear-less” and I thought “Fear-less, I don’t have any fears.” But I decided to follow my leader instead of going off and doing some other WLGW Course and it turns out, I do have fears. I fear not being in control, not being… Read more “I will means With Him, we will!”

Kara Heintz

I am always loved by God and am His work in progress

Each time I go through this course, I learn more about myself and see the progress I have made in my health journey and my relationship with God <3

Mary R.

Very thorough Bible study

I have done Christ centered Bible studies for weight loss before, but none so deep and thorough. It made me feel better about myself, learning the “why” behind my actions. I often laughed at myself because I very closely followed the stereotypes of the false identities. It helped me to see that I had fallen… Read more “Very thorough Bible study”

Kimberly H

A found Breakthrough Part 2

A found Breakthrough Part 2 very insightful and helpful. I like this type of searching and personal work.



This course is simply impactful, beneficial and transformative! It goes far beyond weight loss, and definitely light years ahead of traditional diets. Developing Long term healthy habits, and understanding the why behind unhealthy habits and behaviors is just one of the treasures you receive from taking this course. Cathy could write a book about this… Read more “Breakthrough”


Great course

Loved it. Taught me so much about myself, and what I need to work on with God so I can become the woman He created me to be. Thank you Cathy!

Debi Shelton

A new me

This is my second time going through Breakthrough and like peeling off layers on an onion, I found many new revelations about myself; new issues that needed attention. I’m sure that I will continue to do this many times to continue the growth and strengthening of my true self.

Jan C.

Insights for life

I am so happy to have found this course. I wasn’t sure what Breakthrough would involve and at times felt like the course was moving too fast because there was so much good things to learn. I gleaned valuable insights into myself and what was holding me back from losing weight. The prayers were so… Read more “Insights for life”

Jane K

Deep and reflective

Loved this course. Very therapeutic. I saw myself in so many of the examples I never realized that I was like that and the reasons that I was like that. And once I was able to reflect on my behaviors and what was behind them I was able to see a big picture and start… Read more “Deep and reflective”

Deidre H


I started this class before the pandemic began. I lost weight and started exercising and walking more than I ever had. Most importantly, I now realize what a lot of my false beliefs have been. I have made better priorities than before and I feel more confident about myself. I have often struggled with anxieties… Read more “WLGW -I LOST WEIGHT AND GOT CLOSER TO GOD”

Carol J Ashman


This devotional came right on time


Peel those layers

This study is fitting in with so many other things that I’m working on in my life right now. It is amazing how many times these lessons came up in my weekly counseling session. Trying to figure out why and what I have done for my 59 years of life is definitely eye-opening. There has… Read more “Peel those layers”

Lola S


Cathy thank you for the Breakthrough Course. It was tough and made me realize that I was trying to lose weight on my own and not allowing God into this part of my life. Finding out what and why I have not been successful in this are of my life was an awakening for me.… Read more “Breakthrough”

Deborah Bass


This has been an incredible course. The journey has been awesome. I am so grateful for all the lessons and what it has taught me. I am excited to see the life changes take place in me as I implement what I have learned. It really opened my eyes to discover area’s in my life… Read more “WOW”

Andrea Wilson

So Thankful

I’m so thankful God allowed me find this program. It has taught me the root causes of why I turn to food. Now I know why I overeat and how to overcome my unhealthy habits.

Victoria S.


I am so thankful God led me to this lesson. He was beginning to speak to me in the areas of identifying my core fears and trusting Him through it but these lessons have helped me to heal and realize that they may show up but it’s not who I am. It has given me… Read more “Amen!”

Lynette Gee

Open Your Heart …

I opened my heart and soul and allowed God to work on areas of my life that have been hidden from past hurts. The past five and a half weeks have been life changing. I know that God is not finished with some deep cleansing and I cannot wait until I do Breakthrough again. I… Read more “Open Your Heart …”

Sherilyn V

I enjoyed this course and

I enjoyed this course and it was very helpful. Thankful to have the opportunity to start another course too. 🙂 The Lord has blessed me and is helping me to hand over my struggle to him amd rest in him.



I am very thankful for these insightful lessons, leading me to be aware of how my thoughts and attitudes can adversely affect my health journey. But being aware – making my priorities align with my health journey – has also been so liberating! When priorities overlap, rather than compete, with my health journey it brings… Read more “Thankful”

Angela T

Breakthrough has been a very

Breakthrough has been a very challenging yet eye opening course for me. I have a lot to review and work through with the Lord’s help. I appreciate this perspective that I haven’t ever thought about before.

Sharon P

To God Be The Glory!


Brenda Hall

Life changing and soul healing

Break Through has been good for my body, mind and spirit. I have always known that I can achieve much more in my life when I set goals and creat action plans. However, while I’m quite good at writing out fanciful goals, I am also good at filing them away and continuing aimlessly down all… Read more “Life changing and soul healing”


Thanking God for Breakthrough

The Breakthrough lessons were such a blessing. There were topics that not only helped me deal with past and present, but has equipped me for the future. They were life changing lessons.To God be the Glory!

Karen J


After practicing The reset strategies I finally after all these years realize that this is a daily and sometimes hour by hour learning of realigning myself with gods plan. I no longer feel like a Slave to food by either being consumed in thought by it or left feeling defeated by it.

Stefani R


These courses were eye-opening and also very frightening! There were times when I would reveal too much of me and I needed to take a break. I realize that I should have just pushed through instead of starting/stopping. I need to go through Breakthrough again!

Terri W

What an Awesome Breakthrough!

I am so thankful for the WLGW program! Breakthrough is hard work. I tried it on my own last year and couldn’t complete it. I tried the LIVE version this year and fell behind, or what I thought was behind. But Cathy said in her video that “You are not behind, you are exactly where… Read more “What an Awesome Breakthrough!”

Jaana S

I’ve learned so much!

I’ve learned so much about how my own skewed belief system, my own fears that have all developed throughout my life are not lined up with Christ and after realizing this I have great hope and Faith that with time I can truly change with God’s strength and guidance in his words and through prayer.… Read more “I’ve learned so much!”

Linda Nabors

Breakthrough truly was a Breakthrough

I knew I ate when stressed or ate emotionally…it’s one of the reasons I’m doing WLGW. However, I had no idea how connected my choices were to limiting beliefs or false identities I had taken on nearly all my life! It was eye-opening to me knowing many beliefs I had that I hid as apart… Read more “Breakthrough truly was a Breakthrough”

Stefani R

Seeing myself as God sees me has helped me to make better choices–with food.”

Lost 25lbs.

Gwen Miller

Breakthough – Understanding Myself

This course helped me understand who I am in Christ. Before this course, I had no idea who I was or where I was going in Christ. Creating a vision plan,setting priorities, knowing my values and finding my way in living in alignment with God set me on a path of learning to center my… Read more “Breakthough – Understanding Myself”

Leslie A

Life Changing Course

I have learned so much about who I am in Christ, and how I am sabotaging my health by not living through Him. My life and my health are changing daily. I feel great, I’ve lost several pounds and on my way to my goal. I finally feel like I can be successful in this… Read more “Life Changing Course”

Christy W

Dig Deeper

Just finished Rise Up, a fun and motivating place to start ur health recovery journey with God and His most anointed Health Coach Cathy Morenzie. Breakthrough, especially the dynamic Live version, is an insightful and rich place to go next to dive much deeper into the challenges that hold us back. The pic I am… Read more “Dig Deeper”

Karina M.

Hurt so good

I am late in completing this course. A little bit of life happened. But I am thankful that our courses remain open. I took my time and prayed over the lessons and what God wanted to show me. Such an excellent course! I am sure you know what I mean when I say it hurt… Read more “Hurt so good”

Teresa W.

Transformed and Empowered

This program has truly transformed my life. I feel confident and more empowered to walk in the image of God. I have a sense of peace in knowing i don’t have to be perfect but continue to practice and progress in my endeavors. I am releasing weight in a healthy way. I can truly see… Read more “Transformed and Empowered”


One thing that has stuck with me and changed me, is knowing that I’m worthy of God’s grace and love.

~ Lost 35 pounds


Get to the root of many issues…not just weight!

After completing Breakthrough, I was able to see how I have allowed the enemy to use things from my past experiences to keep me from fulfilling God’s best for me. My weight loss (and other areas of my life) I have sabotaged because of lies that I believed but now… I know the truth that… Read more “Get to the root of many issues…not just weight!”

Candice Z

Life Changing Course

This course has been life changing for me. It made me face some issues that I didn’t want to deal with. It also taught me so much about myself. I can’t wait to do Breakthrough Practice and continue on this journey. Thank you so much for this program. I have lost weight on other programs… Read more “Life Changing Course”

Tammy B

Me, a Perfectionist?!?

Wow, I was so surprised. I had never thought of myself as being a perfectionist. When I realized that the characteristics and limiting beliefs were on target, I finally understood why achieving a healthy weight has been a 50+ years war. I’m now making progress and able to envision actually reaching my God ordained weight… Read more “Me, a Perfectionist?!?”

Gale U

Absolutely Amazing Program!!

I have learned so much about myself in this program! I have shed 23 pounds in 4 months and I truly believe it is because I have shed some wrong thinking, belief in lies the enemy told me, fears and false identities! This program and its founder, Cathy Morenzie, are truly anointed by God!

Krystal S.


The Lord has reveal Himself to me through the course of this study. Breaking free from strongholds, limiting beliefs and false identities. The importance of having a vision and goals. Makine the Lord the #1 priority in my life followed by taking care of myself. Though the weight loss may be happening as quickly as… Read more “Freedom”

Debbie Quinn

Another great course from Cathy at Weight Loss God’s Way

This biblically based course really gets one to think and evaluate their life. I now see how my fears have kept me from living life to its fullest; but, no more! I’m equipped with the tools and knowledge to live victoriously on my weight releasing journey and in life in general. Thank you Cathy for… Read more “Another great course from Cathy at Weight Loss God’s Way”

Ruth Ann S

A God Inspired Program

I’ve been traveling the hopeless weight loss journey for over 25 years with no success. I’ve tried all the programs: WW, TOPS, OA, other Christ centered programs, etc., etc. And spent so much money on weigh loss and exercise books and DVD’s. And then I found the Weight Loss God’s Way program. Everything as changed… Read more “A God Inspired Program”

Rita G

Find out what those things are that prohibit you from being the best you can be.”

Finally able to shed the last 20lbs she’d carried her entire adult life.



Breakthrough has given me the freedom to be who God called me to be!


RESET in my thoughts

I saw a little of myself in several of them. I feel out of control if I’m not in control of things. I even need to plan ahead for things and if something happens it throws me all off and I go in a spiral. I also place myself in the caregiver/martyr position when I… Read more “RESET in my thoughts”

Denise R

Finally a program that hits deeper

Everyone knows that to lose weight, you need to manage your diet and move your body. So…. why do so many of us struggle-for years- with this? The formula seems so simple! However, we all know that that formula is much more complicated and that many of the variables remain unknown to us, so we… Read more “Finally a program that hits deeper”


To God Be The Glory!

I praise God for Cathy because I have started many diets in my life time and finally I let everyone of them go and I’m not starting on any other one! Losing weight God’s way has changed my whole life from the inside out and I know I have a long way to go but… Read more “To God Be The Glory!”

Ladi Hall

So insightful and practical

I love doing the Breakthrough course LIVE! It is hard work to face some deeply embedded feelings and beliefs, but it was so encouraging to share and see that I’m not the only one who struggles with false identities and fears
That gave me hope to continue pressing forward. Thank you for your commitment… Read more “So insightful and practical”

Melanie G

Renewed Vision

Thank you so much for this course. It has helped me look with hope and excitement to the future and has caused me to reflect on some challenging ideas. I am happy to say that I have released 18 pounds and am blazing a path to hit my goal weight. Inspired, excited, and grateful!

Angela T

A sound course for every believer

This course took me on a self-reflection journey that I have never been on before. It made me dig deeply through my personality and beliefs. The truths I encountered apply not only to my weight release journey but also the whole arena of discipleship. I experienced plenty of ah-ha moments. I appreciate that it was… Read more “A sound course for every believer”

Beth S

I did not lose any

I did not lose any weight. I have many deep issues and a lot of resistance when it comes to food and diets. BUT I did learn so much about my relationship with God. And areas where I was erring in my relationship with Him because of my core fears and limiting beliefs. I can… Read more “I did not lose any”

Julie T

Be Bold

Still trying to understand how my fear of failure and of powerlessness are affecting me. I will continue praying about this. I don’t think of myself as the martyr type but maybe I’m a quiet one without the drama and do see that I tend to put concerns for others as a top priority and… Read more “Be Bold”

Molly B.

I’ve lost 70 lbs with Weight Loss, God’s Way

I just wanted to send  you a praise report, although I was not able to be actively involved in conference calls. I have lost 70 pounds after doing the 21 day challenge and breakthrough programs and for a total weight loss since July of last year I have lost 100 pounds.  I wanted to say… Read more “I’ve lost 70 lbs with Weight Loss, God’s Way”

Gladys H

Keeping My Eyes On Jesus

God is working out the issues that cause me to over eat. i have only lost 12 lbs in 10 months but I am exercising, tracking my food, my blood sugar is down to 87 in the morning when I rise. i eat a lot less sugar and I am cutting our processed foods. Praise… Read more “Keeping My Eyes On Jesus”

Liz Buell Salazar

Critical for Weight Release

I was hesitant at first to dive deeper into the reasons that I self-sabotaged my previous weight loss efforts. This course was very eye-opening and allowed me to learn more about this area of my life in a truthful, supportive, and loving atmosphere.

Ava L


Thank you Weight Loss God’s Way team ! I feel so much freer now that I have released 20 pounds! And to finally understand now that my previous attempts to lose weight were unsuccessful because I never thought to invite God into the process. This holistic approach (think body,mind and soul) was a true breakthrough!

Kelly M

Phenomenal Insights

The Breakthrough Course was very, very good!
I was challenged by it because it made me stop and take a closer look at some aspects of my life. This was not always comfortable, but it was so very necessary. I learned a lot about how my mindset can impact my health, but more importantly… Read more “Phenomenal Insights”

C. Clarke

Knowledge is power!

How do you know where you are going without goals and vision, or knowing your why? This course helped me to write down each of these to keep my goals in the forefront and maintain focus. Realizing my false identities and beliefs also help me to realign my thoughts and mindset to that of who… Read more “Knowledge is power!”

Michele M

Amazing and Insightful

This class was amazing and insightful. I’m grateful for the group process that helped to dive deeper and explore feelings.


New creation

I thank God for pointing me in the direction of WLGW… for a new Hope, and the new vision, and a new understanding of my goal, So that I can be a new creation in Christ! It made me think of this verse:
For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face… Read more “New creation”


Weight Loss, God’s Way is tremendously powerful.

~ Lost 77 pounds and counting

Melissa Valenzuela

Breaking through one day at a time

This lesson was challenging but deeply revealing. I’m much more aware of my negative internal self-talk. One significant thing is that while I still battle moments of great resistance…I am fighting back now. I am taking the time to acknowledge it and work through it faster. I also understand that it has been my protective… Read more “Breaking through one day at a time”

Liz T


I thank God for Cathy and all others who made this course possible. I have hope, faith and vision to raise up the valleys and bring every mountain down low. I know that by placing Jesus and His love for me at the forefront of this battle, I am guaranteed success. I understand who I… Read more “Breakthrough”

Adele V

Thank you!

All of the devotionals are great. But this one really was a blessing to me during this time in my life. Thank you Cathy for the work you are doing to change women’s lives.

Beth HB

I experienced Breakthrough

This lesson in the Academy really became a catalyst for my breakthrough. I grew closer to God, finally learned what I was holding onto in my thoughts and emotions that held me back for so long, received insight and strategies on how to release them, all the while releasing weight every step of the way.… Read more “I experienced Breakthrough”

Donna C

The Journey

Life changing. After years and years of struggling with my weight I finally understand why and that I have control of it BECAUSE CHRIST IS IN ME AND DESIRES HIS BEST FOR ME. Everything is exposed in the light of Christ. I am free. I know there will be roadblocks but I know how to… Read more “The Journey”

Layne K


This course is so rich. I find myself going over certain lessons to really plant these truths in my Spirit man. Everyday more and more revelation about myself and the defeating cycle I WAS in are understood, conquered and destroyed. I am so grateful to God and this ministry for the love bestowed upon me.… Read more “Victorious”

Gail Appleby

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Whenever people enroll in BREAKTHROUGHwe're consistently blown away by the feedback we receive. We're seeing first hand the difference the Breakthrough program has made in our member's lives. Women like you have told us that they are no longer frustrated with clothes that don't fit, always trying to figure out what to eat, or feeling out of alignment with God. What used to feel impossible is now easy. More importantly, they are drawing closer to God--hearing from Him and making the mindset shifts that will KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

We know the difference this program will make in your life and your health.

Aren't you tired of going around the same mountain? Below you'll find testimonies from every day, health-conscious, faithful women just like you who stepped out in faith and have had a Breakthrough.

Join many others! Your breakthrough is waiting!

The Breakthrough Course is a two-part 10 week program that gives you unrestricted access to virtual online classes that teach you how to lose weight without restriction, struggle, or extreme workouts within our private, members-only community.

This program was designed for you so you could stop torturing yourself with fad diets and unrealistic workouts. It's time to learn what works for you as a spirit-filled woman of faith. Our heavenly Father offers us His unconditional love, so it's time to learn how to love yourself the way He loves you. This is the key to your own unique journey--learning about and manifesting who God created you to be! Healthy, happy, and free.


Features of Breakthrough

Working God's Plan - Not Yours

We believe you were created ‘healthy by design’, and that the key to returning to divine health is to learn to live the healthy life you were created to live. It doesn’t include restrictive diets, PX90, or surgery. It includes letting go, treating your body as God’s temple, eating to nourish your body, overcoming the fears that have kept you stuck, and being active in a way that honors yourself and His temple.


Weekly Lessons and Prayers

Every week we will tackle a new topic from Understanding Your Values, Limiting Beliefs, Overcoming Core Fears, Goal Setting, Writing Your Vision, False Identities and MORE! Each topic is specifically designed to help you understand who you are in Christ while teaching you practical skills and habits to help you overcome your particular weight challenge. Lessons are organized in a course format and your answers are kept on file for you to refer back to anytime, even after you’ve finished the program.


Fun Variety of Exercise Videos

Not everyone enjoys working out but we all need to find a way to be active. We supply you with a large variety of different types of exercises from Christian Dance, Stretching, Core Strengthening, Pilates, and Taebo.


Eating Delicious Foods That Honor Your Body

We don’t believe in fad diets. Instead, we teach you how to modify your eating habits so you will choose healthier foods that you enjoy. We also teach skills like planning and how to use food to fuel your body, not to stuff your emotions.


Light-hearted, Yet Impactful Videos and Teaching Sessions

You loved them in the WLGW 21-Day Challenge. Breakthrough brings you even more of our fun, yet impactful videos. Women love these videos, as they can relate to the characters. They graphically and playfully display some of the deeper and more complex themes which make learning fun.


Working Together

The adage is true—if you could have done it alone, you’d have done it already. It’s time to partner with the Holy Spirit, with us, and with your sisters in Christ who are on the same journey. We foster a supportive, loving, and sharing community in all our programs.



Real Results For Everyday Women of Faith ...

Permanent weight loss through simple, spiritual, and practical lessons

Soul - Understand what makes you 'tick'

Our soul is made up of our mind, will, and emotions. In Breakthrough, we believe that ‘where the mind goes, the man follows’, so a large component of the program is based on learning to lose weight by changing the way you think; learning how to align your will with God’s; and learning how to manage your emotions.

Body - Lose to 10-25 pounds

Breakthrough is not about diet and exercise strategies, but rather how to eat healthily and train your body so it supports your needs and your lifestyle. Imagine if you stopped thinking about exercise as a painful ‘must-do’ and saw it as a form of worship to God—a way to glorify God through movement!

Spirit - Learn spiritual weapons to lose weight

Weight loss is as much a spiritual battle as anything else. In Breakthrough, you will learn a spiritual transformation known as RESET which will give you the tools to overcome your weight issues on a daily basis.


For Women Who Are ...

  • Committed to change--real lifestyle change--in spirit, soul, and body
  • Willing to stop 'trying' (on their own will) and start 'doing' through the grace of God
  • Ready to learn what's really been holding them back--and then, Breakthrough!
  • Ready to invest in their health--both physical and spiritual
  • Enjoy a community of women working together for a common goal

Join the Weight Loss, God's Way Program to Access Breakthrough (and all our other courses!)

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