Finally it’s time for Weight Loss, God’s Way 



Imagine how amazing your life can be when you improve your health, mindset and faith all together – starting today. Drop the pounds and all your guilt and shame too. There’s no “killer” workouts, sweaty gyms, expensive equipment or time-consuming & complicated diet plans. Praise the Lord!

Lose your unwanted weight and gain a deeper understanding of how “Faith Not Food” turns craving for calories into craving more Christ. Break free with our extremely successful and popular Breakthrough program. Be born anew
as you pursue the dreams and goals that God’s placed on your heart!



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Breakthrough is a 8-week on-line coaching program with Weight Loss, God’s Way founder, Cathy Morenzie. She helps you get to the root of exactly why you’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting for so many years.

This program was designed for you so you could stop torturing yourself with fad diets and unrealistic workouts. It’s time to learn what works for you as a spirit-filled woman of faith. Our heavenly Father offers us His unconditional love, so it’s time to learn how to love yourself the way He loves you. This is the key to your own unique journey–learning about and manifesting who God created you to be Healthy, Happy, and Free.

Every week in Breakthrough, you get complete access to live weekly webinars, support and accountability within an exclusive, private community, plus all the additional, amazing content-rich resources that thousands of women have already experienced.

Your success with Breakthrough comes with gradual, small and easy shifts toward a healthier menu, more positive mind set, and prayerful meditation & fasting. You will:


  • DISCOVER why you “Do what you do” and what’s been driving your destructive patterns or behaviors


  • LEARN the 3 Keystone Habits to transform your health and your life


  • IDENTIFY the 6 common traits (false identities) keeping you from achieving your healthy weight and take home strategies to overcome them.


  • CREATE a clear roadmap to lose weight by identifying your vision and values followed by specific, simple action steps to achieve your goals


  • IMPLEMENT the 6 Reset Strategies to ensure you stay on track for permanent weight loss!


After participating in Breakthrough, women like you have told us that they are no longer frustrated with clothes that don’t fit, always trying to figure out what to eat, or feeling out of alignment with God.

What used to feel impossible is now easy. More importantly, they are drawing closer to God – hearing from Him and making the mindset shifts that make sure you can more easily KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF for good!

We’re excited for you! Once you enroll in this transforming program you’ll be one of the many testimonies, like those below, that we receive regularly from health-conscious, faithful women just like you who stepped out in faith and have your Breakthrough!

The course runs from February 25th thru to April 19th

Breakthrough only $197

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Here’s How to Get In >> FREE!


The BREAKTHROUGH! program can be yours FREE when you become an Annual Weight Loss, God’s Way community member!

Your tuition is a FREE GIFT BONUS with your subscription to the completely private, for Members-only, WLGW Community.

You get instant and UNLIMITED access to the entire WLGW digital library along with several online classes sold for 10x the value if you buy them separately.

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EVERYTHING you need to lose weight without restriction, without the painful struggle and without extreme ‘killer’ workouts is there. Plus it’s simply the next step on our faith-filled journey together.

The BREAKTHROUGH! program is regularly $197 but it’s yours FREE as one of the many BONUS resources for thousands of WLGW Members around the world.


There’s no additional cost for Breakthrough! after your Annual Membership subscription which includes direct and group support with tons of live events, courses or online resources right at your fingertips. It’s the best value and most popular program!

Everything including Breakthrough! is part of your all-inclusive, value-priced Weight Loss, God’s Way annual member fee.

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Features of Breakthrough

Working God’s Plan – Not Yours

We believe you were created ‘healthy by design’, and that the key to returning to divine health is to learn to live the healthy life you were created to live. It doesn’t include restrictive diets, PX90, or surgery. It includes letting go, treating your body as God’s temple, eating to nourish your body, overcoming the fears that have kept you stuck, and being active in a way that honors yourself and His temple.


Weekly Lessons and Prayers

Every week we will tackle a new topic from Understanding Your Values, Limiting Beliefs, Overcoming Core Fears, Goal Setting, Writing Your Vision, False Identities and MORE! Each topic is specifically designed to help you understand who you are in Christ while teaching you practical skills and habits to help you overcome your particular weight challenge. Lessons are organized in a course format and your answers are kept on file for you to refer back to anytime, even after you’ve finished the program.


Fun Variety of Exercise Videos

Not everyone enjoys working out but we all need to find a way to be active. We supply you with a large variety of different types of exercises from Christian Dance, Stretching, Core Strengthening, Pilates, and Taebo.


Eating Delicious Foods That Honor Your Body

We don’t believe in fad diets. Instead, we teach you how to modify your eating habits so you will choose healthier foods that you enjoy. We also teach skills like planning and how to use food to fuel your body, not to stuff your emotions.


Light-hearted, Yet Impactful Videos and Teaching Sessions

You loved them in the WLGW 21-Day Challenge. Breakthrough brings you even more of our fun, yet impactful videos. Women love these videos, as they can relate to the characters. They graphically and playfully display some of the deeper and more complex themes which make learning fun.


Working Together

The adage is true—if you could have done it alone, you’d have done it already. It’s time to partner with the Holy Spirit, with us, and with your sisters in Christ who are on the same journey. We foster a supportive, loving, and sharing community in all our programs.


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Real Results For Everyday Women of Faith …

Permanent weight loss through simple, spiritual, and practical lessons

Soul – Understand what makes you ‘tick’

Our soul is made up of our mind, will, and emotions. In Breakthrough, we believe that ‘where the mind goes, the man follows’, so a large component of the program is based on learning to lose weight by changing the way you think; learning how to align your will with God’s; and learning how to manage your emotions.

Body – Lose to 10-25 pounds

Breakthrough is not about diet and exercise strategies, but rather how to eat healthily and train your body so it supports your needs and your lifestyle. Imagine if you stopped thinking about exercise as a painful ‘must-do’ and saw it as a form of worship to God—a way to glorify God through movement!

Spirit – Learn spiritual weapons to lose weight

Weight loss is as much a spiritual battle as anything else. In Breakthrough, you will learn a spiritual transformation known as RESET which will give you the tools to overcome your weight issues on a daily basis.

For Women Who Are …

  • Committed to change–real lifestyle change–in spirit, soul, and body
  • Willing to stop ‘trying’ (on their own will) and start ‘doing’ through the grace of God
  • Ready to learn what’s really been holding them back–and then, Breakthrough!
  • Ready to invest in their health–both physical and spiritual
  • Enjoy a community of women working together for a common goal


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