Get the Recognition you Deserve!

It's about time people see you for the superstar you are. Now you will be!  Earn award badges when you actively participate in the program.  Proudly show them off and see which of your friends are crushing it.

Earn badges for completing courses, for leaving comments on lessons, participating in forum discussions, or even ‘Like’ing other member’s comments.  It's easy and fun!

Badges will show when you leave comments or replies and on your profile page.  The more you participate, the higher the award badge you'll earn.  Now everyone will know if you're a champion at completing courses, or fantastic at making friends or just a lavishly Like-able person!

How They Appear

How do I Earn Them?


    Complete a course – earn an badge!  Will update every time you complete a new course.


    Don’t just read the lessons – share your goals, thoughts and challenges – and earn a badge!  (Awarded at intervals)


    Post or reply to others in Weigh-in Wednesdays, Testimony Tuesday, Prayer Requests or any forum and be known as the valuable contributor you are!  (Awarded at intervals)


    Love someone’s shares?  ‘Add’ them as a friend.  Go through courses together and message each other – and yes, proudly show off how many friends you have!  (Awarded at intervals)

  • LIKE BADGE [not currently active]

    You’re a very Like-able person.  You Like everyone and all their comments.  And you’ve the badge to prove it.


Will I get credit for already completed courses? Comments? Friends?

Regrettably, we aren’t able to apply the awards retroactively.  We are still trying to do so for the courses at least, but as is, these badges will only be for new course completions, new friends, new comments, etc.

Why haven't I gotten a new badge?

Aside from the Courses Completed Badge, all badges are only awarded at pre-set amounts (ie: 25, 50, 100, 250… for Like Badge) so just keep going, you’ll earn one or upgrade to a higher one soon enough.

Do I get anything for having been awarded badges?

Badges are our way of recognizing your effort and contributions to the community.  Unseen behind the badges though is a points system and we are looking at having tangible rewards (freebies or discounts) once you’ve accumulated enough points.  That’s still in the planning stages so look for more on that as 2019 goes on.

What is a Beta?

The reward badges are in a beta-phase currently which means that while they are fully working, we are likely to tweak how they are awarded based on member feedback and how effectively they are working.    For example we could reduce the number of badges if it’s becoming too cluttered or add more if people request (for say, watching workout videos or joining calls for example).  Or we could adjust the intervals at which they are awarded at.