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Ann R

I’ve been trying every diet there is and they don’t work because my inner self if full of anger & stress. I finally had a revelations that I need to work on my heart and get right with God to make it work, so here I am!! I’m excited!

Linda B

I love the part you wrote about how God has given us all power to cast out demons but we can’t stop ourselves from eating! I’m so excited for this plan. The Lord knows exactly what I need not what I want. Thank you Mrs. Cathy

Ro G - Support Staff
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I love this! It’s wonderful how God uses our weaknesses to qualify us, and not our strengths. It’s so true that God will use every pain we’ve ever felt and turn it into something good—if we trust in Him. Thank you again for sharing and for the inspiration!

Loreli Myrtle
Loreli Myrtle

I am excited to start with you!?

Teri M

I really like what you said about “I now understand that every insecurity, challenge and negative emotion that I experiences was equipping me to help other people who faced the same struggles – especially women.” That makes me stop, put perspective into my struggles in life and put my hope back into Jesus that eventually it will all be okay.


Carolyn Cottrell
Carolyn Cottrell

Cathy, I am praying that I will stick with this!!! Pray for me too please!! I have been on so many diets, exercise and pills that I can’t even count them. I lose but I gain it back and then some. I love the Lord and I want to do the right thing with my body so I can do more and live longer. I am 63 years old and a diabetic type 2. I weight right now 193 lbs and I am 5’7″ tall. I have bad knees and may have to have one replaced. I also have arthritis and neurophy in my feet severely and the Plankard Facitis too, severely. I am on insulin but i”m a type 2 .Ive just started to the gym but Im having so much trouble with my feet it is so hurts!!