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Weight Loss, God's Way
10-Day Challenge

What If Losing Weight  Could Become A Meaningful Act Of Worship? What if you could develop a healthy relationship with sugar? 

Clarify God's Vision for Your Health.  Create a Plan to Achieve Your Healthy Weight. Launch into Action.

Learn from Christian Author and Weight Loss Coach, Cathy Morenzie

Develop a healthy relationship with sugar and food
Create A Successful Weight Loss Plan
Launch into Action with Us

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Live Challenge Starts Sept 5th!

*Time Sensitive: Our 10-Day LIVE and Highly-Interactive Healthy Weight Challenge Will Clarify
God’s Vision for Your Health, Create A Successful Weight Loss  Plan, & Launch You into Fast Action. 
Runs from September 5th to September 14th!

Registration is EXTREMELY limited due to the popularity of our live virtual training. 

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Let's Rise Up & Take Back Our Temples!

What if all the weight loss industry needed was a little Jesus?!

Dear Health-Conscious Christian Sister,

 It's been a tough 2 years... it's taught us now more than ever that we need to take charge of our health . The enemy is robbing us of our health and it time to...


We believe God has given us the gift of health--regardless of our size, shape or physical abilities, but we're not walking in the fullness of the gift. It's time to discover how!

3 John 1:2 says He desires us to prosper and be in good health, even as our soul prospers! Finally there’s a way to stay motivated and committed to achieving your healthy weight that’s not just about “diet and exercise.”

It’s about being in a supportive community of other Christian-minded women who have discovered just what it means to submit their health to God and learn how to live it out practically each and every day. 

Now there’s help and it doesn’t take you away from home, work or family. With this 10-Day Challenge, you can participate and learn from anywhere, anytime!

All you need is internet access and a browser. Attend 5 fun, live sessions with a global community, or watch the replays on your own to discover these success strategies!

You will feel inspired and encouraged during this 10-day experience!

Build your self-esteem as you learn to see your body differently while experiencing God in a whole new way. Be stronger in your Body, Mind & Spirit with this Weight Loss, God’s Way Challenge when you sign up for FREE today.


*First Come, First Server*
*Limited Space on Zoom!*

What if all the weight loss industry needed was Jesus?

You know diets don’t work. You know the cycle of shame and guilt. But do you know why you fall back into old habits time and time again, without real or permanent results?

It's because we have not lined up our thoughts with God's. Psalm 139:1- 2 TPT tells us, "Lord, you know everything there is to know about me. You perceive every movement of my heart and soul, and you understand my every thought before it even enters my mind." 

Through God, you can overcome everything … even if "everything" is just a craving for some junk food. 

You CAN and WILL achieve your healthy weight with our proven methods and a little faith. 

Our 10-day live virtual coaching will help ensure that you...

Achieve Your Health Goals

Top 5 Things To Discover:

5-Step Success Framework proven to achieve amazing results from the inside out
Go From "Overweight and Overwhelmed" to "Inspired and Free" and experience unstoppable momentum
Overcome Limiting Beliefs to finally not only achieve, but maintain your healthy weight
Clarify God's Health Vision, overcome setbacks and plateaus & take action with ease
Lose Weight, Maintain Your Healthy Weight in 2022 and unleash the best version of yourself

*First Come, First Server*
*Limited Space on Zoom!*

What Makes The Challenge So Impactful?

The Challenge: Clarify God's vision for your health, create a weight loss success roadmap, and stop emotional eating.
Interactive Experience: Do the work during the 10-day live coaching so that you're living INSPIRED AND ACTIVE !
Achieve Your Healthy Weight in 2022:  Learn how to curb cravings, manage your emotions, and become a fat burning machine.
Hands On Coaching: Cathy and her team of certified Weight Loss, God's Way Coaches will ensure your success throughout the challenge.

What do you get in our 10-day Challenge

​Inspiration each day to overcome emotional eating and live your healthiest life ever. 
​​Win prizes, prizes, prizes to keep you inspired and motivated!
Interact with fellow challengers and mentors  for support and accountability.
Receive 5 live coaching calls with Cathy and other professional therapists and coaches.
Learn what the missing ingredient has been in your past weight loss attempts.
Finally get on track to achieve your healthy weight.
Fast-action worksheets to help you fast-track your success. 

What I Was Missing

This journeyhas been a God-send.  I've tried to lose weight for years, on my own, without actually praying to God for His help and guidance.  This program helped me to search my heart and mind to see the areas where I struggled at the most and gave me prayers that I could pray to help me overcome those areas. Each video was an area that I could relate to.  I really appreciated the sharing component as well as it helped me to be able to discuss what was on my mind with others that were going through something similar.  Everyone has been very encouraging and I truly enjoyed this challenge.  Looking forward to the next step in my weight-loss journey!

Rikesha F.

Our Weight Loss, God's Way Challenge Creates...

Breakthrough - So You Can
Discover What's Been Holding You Back

Get Ready to Experience and Gain:

Renewing You Mind Tools and Strategies - To stay focused on your goals and keep you from back-sliding
​​5-Step Success Framework: Taking action is easy when you have a roadmap to follow
Community + Accountability: Be a part of our “Weight Loss God's Way” Movement
Success Roadmap: A stronger faith and trust in God. Experience His presence like never before

*First Come, First Server*
*Limited Space on Zoom!*

Our 5-Step Success Framework will help clarify God's plan and stretch your vision.


Discover what's really at the root of why you've been struggling with your weight.


Learn how to submit this journey to God.


Renew your mind with the word of God and change your mindset.


A consistent plan! Build and stack habits for success.


Maintenance.  Learn how to continue without back-sliding.

It will also expose limiting beliefs that you were not aware of.

Discover how to “reframe” & breakthrough limiting beliefs to unleash our greatest human potential with us.

Decide today to join a community of health- conscious Christian women as we shatter old beliefs, renew our minds and breakthrough to the other side... the sweeter side of life where ANYTHING is possible and ANY Dream & goal is attainable.

Meet Your Expert Health & Fitness Coach


Cathy is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Instructor, International Presenter, Weight Management Consultant & Best-Selling Author.

As CEO and Founder of, Cathy’s mission is to help women understand that God is at the center of the process of achieving their healthy weight and fitness goals.  

Her commitment to the world is to help women cut through all the weight loss confusion and conflicting information, so they can understand how to permanently lose weight.

She helps women move past the fears, the lies, and the insecurities, that stop them from losing weight, and offers a simple, Christ-centered, common sense approach to permanent weight loss.

As a personal trainer for 35 years, she has logged over 30,000 coaching hours in the health and wellness field. Through her Healthy by Design books and programs, she has helped hundreds of thousands of women lose weight and learn how to keep it off. She is blessed to be able to share what she's learned with you, too.

Weight Loss God's Way CEO + Founder

Amazing Client We Have Served:

Glayds H

"I've lost 70 lbs with Weight Loss, Gods Way."

Bobbie S

"I used to think about food all the time.  I released 37 lbs."

Julia G

"I went to my doctor and he was ecstatic."

Gwen M

"Seeing myself as God sees me has helped me to make better choices with food."

"The Success System!"

(10-Day Virtual Coaching Experience)
NOW 100% FREE!!

We'll teach you our step-by-step process during our five 90-minute coaching sessions. This enables you to get on the fast-track to a healthier you..

Our mission is getting results, so we do it live… together. Other people sell courses and leave you on your own to figure it out. The problem is that most people never actually finish them. 

We live to create success stories and our live training ensures them.

By the end of the challenge you will have clarified their God-given vision. We'll teach how to create a blueprint for success that will help you achieve your healthy weight.

Here's What You're Getting...

5-LIVE VIRTUAL COACHING SESSIONS WITH CATHY ($1,250 value): Learn the exact system used to crystalize God's vision & build a Success Roadmap to shortcut the path to success in health and life.
​​LIFETIME ACCESS TO WLGW FAMILY COMMUNITY ($250.00 value): This is a 10-day challenge, but a lifelong family. Discover new friends and relationships. Be part of our Weight Loss, God's Way family. Surrounding ourselves with a supportive community of like-minded health-conscious sisters is priceless and provides the accountability to ensure success.
1 LIVE Q and A session ($300.00 value):  Join Cathy for a 60 min LIVE session to answer all your questions about the challenge. 
FAST ACTION SHEETS ($99.00 value): Never feel overwhelmed with simple daily action steps. This ensures that we're on the path to better health, joy and happiness.
ACCESS TO ALL RECORDINGS ($99.00 value):  This way you can get access to the training each day no matter what time zone you're in.

This entire system is valued at $1,997 (and worth every penny). But, because you're on this page today and ready to take action. Your special price is NOW FREE!

*First Come, First Served*
*Limited Space on Zoom!*



Overcome Your Sugar Craving E-book
3 Steps to Emotional Eating Guidebook

Attend Live Sessions & Enter to Win Awesome Prizes

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the years it’s...HOW TO GET RESULTS. 

We have a high completion rate on our Challenges because we make them super interactive & fun.  

The industry “norm” is sadly less than 10% for people who purchase and complete online programs, but our results far exceed that. 

Giveaway Contest:

Get 1 raffle ticket for EACH of the 5 live sessions that you attend
Prizes will be announced during the Challenge


~Never stressing about your weight again.

~ Living life each day feeling confident and self-assured.

~ Having more clothing options available to you instead of only plus sizes.

~ Enjoying foods that satisfy and nourish your body and seeing exercise as a form of worship.

~ Living each day seeing yourself as God sees you.

~ Feeling confident in your own skin and truly feeling beautiful and radiant regardless of your size.

This life is available to you and it's waiting for you in the Weight Loss, God's Way family.

 This challenge has helped motivated women break free and breakthrough all the roadblocks stopping weight loss success while also drawing them closer to Christ which made all the difference. It worked for them and can for anyone – like YOU!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

See What Other Have Said About Working with Us

"I went from a size 26 to a size 14!

"In January I was wearing a size 26.  This weekend my daughter took me shopping for an outfit for my birthday.  I got into a size 14.  I never dreamed I would see that size again.  God is good.  Today is my birthday.  I have no desire for a cake.

- Janet Mullins

"Weight Loss, God's Way is tremendously powerful.

"I lost 77 pounds and counting

- Melissa Valenzuela

"[Without WLGW] I wouldn't have understood myself and why I've been struggling all these years with my weight."

- Brenda Fagan

Ready To Achieve Your Healthy Weight this year?

Let's Rise Up and Thrive Together!

*First Come, First Served*
*Limited Space on Zoom!*

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